Lightning Force

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Lightning Force (Portuguese: A Força do Raio) is a Brazilian Portuguese song about Pikachu.

Lightning Force was recorded by Eliana. It was featured in the CD album "Eliana" in 2000, and was also released as a music video in 2003.

Music video

Pikachu and Eliana dolls meeting for the first time
Flattened Pikachu doll
Real life versions of the dolls

In the music video, children are seen building clay dolls of Pikachu and Eliana. Somewhere else, the real life Eliana is also seen singing and dancing. Once the dolls are finished, the children leaved the room, and then both dolls are seen moving in stop motion animation. They stop moving when the real life Eliana enters the room. She places both clay dolls on a high shelf and goes away again.

Pikachu falls from the shelf and becomes flattened. Eliana goes after Pikachu and lifts him up, then Pikachu releases some electricity. At this point, the Eliana and Pikachu dolls are not made of clay anymore; the real life Eliana herself is seen in the role of Eliana doll, and Pikachu is interpreted by someone in a full-body Pikachu costume. There are oversized toys around them, including a toy ball that moves by itself and falls in their direction; Eliana and Pikachu dodge the ball by quickly running away.

Later, the children return again. The small Eliana and Pikachu initially try to hide from the children, but then show themselves, and the children are surprised to see the small living dolls on the table. An energy meter indicates that Pikachu is out of electricity, and one of the children offers him a battery. Sometimes, both Eliana and Pikachu dolls switch between clay animation and real life versions. Pikachu holds the battery, which causes his electricity to be recharged, and he releases a bright light. At the end, the real life Eliana enters the room and wants to see the dolls. The children try to hide them from her, but then run away. Eliana holds both the doll of herself and Pikachu, but they do not move in front of her. She places both dolls on the high shelf again and leaves. Once the dolls are by themselves once more, Pikachu falls from the shelf again.


Brazilian Portuguese English
Tão bonitinho
É tão fofinho
O nome dele é Pikachu! (Pikachu!)

Não sabe nada
Mas sabe tudo
Ele é sortudo
O nome dele é Pikachu! (Pikachu!)

Você não sabe o poder que ele tem
E só na hora do perigo é que ele vem
Força do raio, cheio de eletricidade
Mas na hora da verdade
Não tem medo de ninguém

Ele é teimoso e gosta de zombar de mim
Mas não importa, eu gosto dele mesmo assim
Ele é levado, carinhoso e inocente
Pequenino, mas valente
Vai comigo até o fim

Ele é (Pikachu)
O meu Pokémon
Ele é (Pikachu)
O meu amigo, companheiro, sangue bom
Yellow, little
So beautiful
Is so cute
His name is Pikachu! (Pikachu!)

Does not know anything
But knows everything
He is lucky
His name is Pikachu! (Pikachu!)

You don't know the power that he has
And only in time of danger he comes
Lightning force, full of electricity
But in the time of truth
He does not fear anyone

He is stubborn and likes to make fun of me
But it does not matter, I still like him
He is naughty, caring, innocent
Little, but valiant
He goes with me to the end

He is (Pikachu)
My Pokémon
He is (Pikachu)
My friend, companion, good fellow

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