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Lake May
ハルカレイク Haruka Lake
Lake May.png
Lake May
Region Hoenn
Debut Love at First Flight

Lake May (Japanese: ハルカレイク Haruka Lake) is an anime-exclusive location in Hoenn, located between Mauville City and Fallarbor Town.

The small lakeside township includes several cabin-style homes and a Pokémon Center.

In Love at First Flight, Ash and his friends stopped at the location because of its scenic beauty. The local Nurse Joy invited them to watch the rehearsals for the May Festival. The performers, Romeo and Juliet were training their Volbeat and Illumise for the light show. However, Romeo was particularly nervous, and his clumsiness led the performing troupe to all fall into the lake. Fortunately, Ash and the others rescued them all.

With their help, Romeo later revealed his true affections to Juliet, allowing the May Festival to take place without a hitch.

Pokémon seen at Lake May

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