Kricketina Kylie

Kricketina Kylie (Japanese: コロトックコロミ Korotock Koromi) is a character of the day who appeared in Trade, Borrow, and Steal!. She is a Bug-type Trainer from Sinnoh and calls herself the "Bug-type Queen of Sinnoh" (Japanese: シンオウのむしポケクイーン Sinnoh Bug Poké Queen). Having caught all of the Bug-type Pokémon found in Sinnoh, Kricketina is now on a journey to catch Bug types from other regions across the world.

Kricketina Kylie

She attended a Pokémon Trade Event held at the Vermilion City Pokémon Center in the hopes of receiving new Bug Pokémon. There, she met Ash and Goh. At first, Goh mistook her for a Kricketune but soon realized his mistake. Kricketina received a notification about a challenger in the World Coronation Series, who turned out to be Ash. They had a battle, with Ash using Pikachu against Kricketina's Heracross and winning, causing Kricketina's ranking to drop.

Upon learning that Goh owned a Pinsir, Kricketina wanted him to trade it for her Heracross, but Goh was reluctant. Instead, he agreed to help Kricketina find a Pinsir of her own from Vermilion Forest. After a long search, Kricketina decided to use a batch of her "Kricketina Treats", a stirred mixture, to attract a Pinsir. In the forest, Ash, Goh, and Kricketina ended up encountering Team Rocket, who Goh defeated using Kricketina's Heracross after she had gotten caught in their net along with Ash. Afterwards, a Pinsir was attracted to the "Kricketina Treats", but since Kricketina was still trapped in the net, Goh caught it instead. Afterwards, Kricketina suggested trading her Heracross for this new Pinsir, which Goh agreed to do.

She reappeared in a flashback in Sobble Spies a Stealthy Strategy!.


On hand

Heracross (×5)
These Heracross are some of Kricketina's Pokémon. She originally owned six of them, but traded one away for Goh's newly caught Pinsir.

None of Heracross's moves are known.

Debut Trade, Borrow, and Steal!
Pinsir is one of Kricketina's Pokémon. It was caught by Goh, who agreed to trade it for the Heracross that Goh's other Pinsir had fallen in love with.

None of Pinsir's moves are known.

Debut Trade, Borrow, and Steal!
Voice actors
Japanese Tatsuki Kobe
English Tatsuki Kobe

Seen on Rotom Phone

Bug-type Pokémon
According to Kricketina, she's caught every Bug-type Pokémon species in the Sinnoh region. The ones seen on her Rotom Phone include Scyther, Yanma, Scizor, Wurmple, Silcoon, Beautifly, Cascoon, Dustox, Kricketot, Kricketune, and Plant Cloak Burmy.
Debut Trade, Borrow, and Steal!

Traded away


Traveling with

Rotom Phone


Kricketina's profile in the World Coronation Series.

Kricketina has competed in the following competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 日高里菜 Rina Hidaka
English Sandy Fox
European French Laetitia Liénart
Hebrew קמע שבדרון Kamea Schwadron
Polish Magda Kusa
Brazilian Portuguese Ana Lúcia Menezes
European Spanish Sandra Jara



Language Name Origin
Japanese コロトックコロミ Korotock Koromi From コロトック Korotock (Kricketune)
English, Spanish,
Kricketina Kylie From Kricketune
German Zirpeisa-Kyla From Zirpeise (Kricketune) and her English name
French Mélokrika Kelly From Mélokrik (Kricketune)
Italian Kricketina Carla From Kricketune and her English name
Korean 또미 Ttomi From 귀뚤톡크 Gwittultock (Kricketune)
Chinese (Mandarin) 音箱蟀可洛美 Yīnxiāngshuài Kěluòměi From 音箱蟀 Yīnxiāngshuài (Kricketune) and transcription of her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Kricketa Keila From Kricketune and her English name

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