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Krane Memo
Krane Memo
Krane Memo
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Introduced in Generation III
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The Krane Memos (Japanese: クレインメモ Krane Memo) are Key Items exclusive to Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. They are a series of numbered memos written by Professor Krane.


In the games


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The Krane Memos contain information regarding several key elements of the game.

List of Krane Memos

Name Title Content
Krane Memo 1 The Snag System Shadow Pokémon are victims of criminals who use them for misdeeds. They must be taken from their bad masters and protected. The most effective means of taking such Pokémon from criminals is the Snag System developed by Cipher five years ago. It is an unforgivable act among Trainers to steal another Trainer's Pokémon, but there is no other way to save Shadow Pokémon. The Snag System was originally designed to steal any Pokémon from Trainers. We must immediately develop a system that snags only Shadow Pokémon...and nothing else.
Krane Memo 2 The Aura Reader It is impossible for ordinary people to distinguish Shadow Pokémon from regular Pokémon based on appearance. In developing a new Snag System, our biggest challenge was devising some means of recognizing Shadow Pokémon immediately. We solved this challenge with a headset device that senses Shadow Pokémon. We named this headset the Aura Reader.
Krane Memo 3 The Snag Machine The Aura Reader's development made it possible to create a workable new Snag Machine. We realized that we could integrate the Aura Reader with the original Snag Machine developed by Ciper. The Aura Reader can be made to sound a warning and prevent the Snag Machine from working if a regular, non-Shadow Pokémon is targeted. The likelihood of the Snag Machine being abused should be diminished. However, one must always be vigilant. It must be treated with caution!
Krane Memo 4 Purification Once captured, Shadow Pokémon must have their hearts reopened in a process called purification so that they may return to their normal state. The best-known method of purification was to have the Shadow Pokémon spend time with a Trainer and allow their hearts to gradually reopen. However, because it required Shadow Pokémon to be with the Trainer, this method placed a limit on the number of Pokémon that could be treated. We needed a process for efficiently purifying many Shadow Pokémon. Our studies led us to the idea of the Purify Chamber.
Krane Memo 5 The Purify Chamber The Purify Chamber is a radical new concept that differs from the usual purification method of having Shadow Pokémon be with a Trainer constantly. It represents a new approach that places Shadow Pokémon among regular Pokémon so that they become purified naturally. Much time is still needed to make this concept real. We need to acquire systems, collect data, and make adjustments. We eagerly look forward to seeing the Purify Chamber concept in operation.


Krane Memo 1

Games Description
XD A memo written by Krane about the Snag System.

Krane Memo 2

Games Description
XD A memo written by Krane about the Aura Reader.

Krane Memo 3

Games Description
XD A memo written by Krane about the Snag Machine.

Krane Memo 4

Games Description
XD A memo written by Krane on purifying Shadow Pokémon.

Krane Memo 5

Games Description
XD A memo written by Krane about the Purify Chamber.


Games Method
XD Pokémon HQ Lab
Krane Memos 1 and 2: Received from Aidan once Gateon Port is marked on the map
Krane Memos 3, 4, and 5: Received from Aidan after getting the Machine Part from Gateon Port

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Memo Syrus
Germany Flag.png German Klein-Memo
Italy Flag.png Italian Appunti
Spain Flag.png Spanish Parte Cío

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