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Aim to Be a Pokémon Master '98
Japanese movie opening themes


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Movie 23 OP
Artist Beverly
Lyrics 岡崎体育
Taiiku Okazaki
Composer 岡崎体育
Taiiku Okazaki
Arrangement 澤野弘之
Hiroyuki Sawano
SME Records album
Title 「劇場版ポケットモンスター ココ」テーマソング集
Pokémon the Movie: Koko Theme Song Collection
Catalog no. SECL-2580/1, SECL-2582

Koko (Japanese: ココ Koko) is the Japanese opening theme for M23. It was produced by Taiiku Okazaki.


Japanese English
夜明けの雫 草木のシンフォニー
指先に触れる 小さないのち
澄み渡る大空 世界の扉

手のひらに伝う 孤独な鼓動
戸惑いあう こころとこころ

恐れにまかせて 爪を立てないように

いつのまにか背も伸びていく 血のかたちも声の波も
まつ毛さえもキミを記す ここにいた証

風に乗って 雨に打たれ
光を浴びて キミは生きる
目を凝らして 耳を澄ませて
闇を抜けて キミは生きる
いま手を取り 大地を踏む
いのちの歌 響き渡る

素敵な場所でしょう ここに立つと


いつの日にか旅に出ても 何者にもならなくていい

風に乗って 雨に打たれ
光を浴びて キミを生きろ
目を凝らして 耳を澄ませて
闇を抜けて キミを生きろ
さぁ手を取り 大地を踏もう いのちの歌 響かせよう
The twinkling of stars upon the rippling water
The dewdrops at dawn, a symphony of plants
A small life, reaching out to grab fingertips
The clear sky above, the door of the world

There's a lonely throbbing you can feel through the palm of your hand
We'll be lost together, heart to heart

Try not to let the way you look decide for you
Leave the scary stuff up to me so you don't have to bare your claws

At some point you grew up, and the shape of your blood, the sound of your voice
And even your eyelashes are all proof that you're alive

You ride with the wind, you get rained on
And have the sun shine down on you, you are alive
Squint your eyes, perk up your ears
And leave the darkness, for you are alive
There's a surprising array of colors and sounds overflowing in this world
Now when you take them in your hands and place your feet onto the ground
The song of life rings out

This place is great, isn't it? And if you stand right there
It's like you can see the whole world from up here

There aren't a lot of things I can teach you, but I can say
That we're looking at the same air and the same scenery

At some point, the clouds turn white in the twilight, what shapes do you see?
Someday, you'll leave on a journey, but even then, you don't need to worry about becoming anything

You ride with the wind, you get rained on
And have the sun shine down on you, go live your life
Squint your eyes, perk up your ears
Leave the darkness, and go live your life
There's a surprising array of colors and sounds overflowing
So take them in your hands, let's put our feet on the ground, and let the song of life ring out


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