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Game art of King Biruritchi

King Biruritchi (Japanese: キング・ビルリッチ King Biruritchi) is the creator of Team Great Rocket from Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!. A large and intimidating man, he and his minions kidnapped the Grand Masters and Club Masters and stole the four Legendary Pokémon cards for use in their schemes. Biruritchi resides in Team GR Castle on a far-away island. If defeated in a best-two-out-of-three card duel, he admits defeat and gives up the Togepi Coin and the GR's Mewtwo card.

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Leader: King Biruritchi
Bodyguards: KanzakiRui
Fort Leaders: MorinoCatherineHiderō
GR Grass Fort Members: MidoriYūtaMiyukiMorino
GR Lightning Fort Members: RennaIchikawaCatherine
GR Fire Fort Members: JesYūkiShōkoHiderō
GR Water Fort Members: MiyajimaSentaAiraKanoko
GR Fighting Fort Members: GraceGōdaKamiya
GR Psychic Fort Members: KevinMiwaYōsukeRyōkoMami
Colorless Altar Members: NishijimaSamejimaIshii
Other GR Members: Tap
Disguised members: GR-1GR-2GR-3GR-4GR-5GR-X
Ghost Masters: EijiMagicianToshironPierrotTobichan


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