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Kikuko Inoue

Kikuko Inoue (Japanese: 井上喜久子 Inoue Kikuko) is a Japanese voice actress for the Pokémon anime.



Inoue was born on September 25, 1964, in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. She became a voice actress as an adult and pursued a prolific voicing career since the late 1980s, being typecast in girlfriend or maternal roles, as well as sultry and provocative ones. She also pursued a singing career, becoming part of two singing groups, DoCo and Goddess Family Club. Inoue joined the Pokémon anime during Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, temporarily voicing Nurse Joy. However, her most famous roles in that work are Fantina and Dawn's Togekiss. Inoue married in May 1996 and had one child, Honoka, who also became a voice actress. She founded her own talent agency, Office Anemone, of which she is also the manager.

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