Khana's Poké Ball Factory

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Khana's Poké Ball Factory
カーナのモンスターボール工場 Khana's Monster Ball Factory
Khana Poké Ball Factory.png
Khana's Poké Ball Factory
Region Galar
Debut HZ029

(Japanese: カーナのモンスターボール工場 Khana's Monster Ball Factory) is an anime-exclusive location in the Galar region. Before visiting the factory, it was seen afar by the Rising Volt Tacklers, where they met Khana, who runs the factory.

The Poké Ball Factory is run by Khana. Her craftsmanship allows her to create many unique Poké Balls. After meeting Orla, many issues within it were resolved.

Pokémon seen around Khana's Poké Ball Factory

Weezing (multiple)

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