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(Japanese: ケント Kento) is a character in Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl: Regigigas Major Capture Operation!!.



Kaito and Yuki went to Kento as they needed his help to awaken Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple. Kento had heard everything that Kaito and Yuki said before and decided to go to Snowpoint Temple, with Kaito and Yuki in tow. After the three of them sent out the legendary giants, he saw that Regigigas was moving and it went on a rampage. This caused Kento and Yuki to hang on the ice floor. He told Kaito that he has to stop it from rampaging, by either catching it or defeating it. Kaito battled it and chose to catch it, preventing Kento and Yuki from any more harm.

During the battle, Kento was impressed about Kaito's skills. When Kaito saved Regigigas from getting hurt by falling debris, Kento was furious that Kaito blew his chance of defeating it but Kaito and Infernape wanted a proper battle with Regigigas. After a long battle, Kaito managed to catch Regigigas and left Snowpoint Temple. In the process, he accidentally left Kento and Yuki hanging on the ice floor.


Regice is Kento's known Pokémon. It was only seen along with Kaito's Regirock and Yuki's Registeel in an attempt to wake up Regigigas.

None of Regice's moves are known.

Debut Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl: Regigigas Major Capture Operation!!

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