Pokémon Toasted Oat Cereal with Marshmallow Bits

The original cereal

Pokémon Toasted Oat Cereal with Marshmallow Bits was a breakfast cereal announced by Kellogg's in March 2000 and released in May 2000.[1] The cereal is similar to Lucky Charms, made up of oat-based rings and marshmallow pieces. These marshmallows were in the shapes of Pikachu, Poliwhirl, Oddish, and Ditto.

One of the two limited-edition boxes

Paul Norman, vice-president of marketing for cereal of Kellogg's, said "Kellogg's Pokémon cereal is the latest example of our commitment to bring fun back to the cereal aisle and offers kids a unique way to catch Pokémon fever". No more Pokémon cereal has been produced outside of Japan since this version, making it the first and last of its kind.

In June 2000, two limited-edition boxes of the cereal were shipped.[2] These boxes had redesigned fronts, which put a main focus on Generation II Pokémon. Furthermore, the marshmallows were shaped like Generation II Pokémon.


Marketing for the cereal started in June 2000, consisting of eye-catching advertisements in television and in magazines. Kevin Smith, vice-president of consumer promotions for Kellogg's, stated "Through this integrated marketing campaign, Kellogg's creates the ultimate 'Pokémon experience,' and allows kids to participate in the Pokémon phenomenon in a new way".


The back of the box, featuring "Ledy Ba" and "Hoot Hoot"
  • The puzzle on the back of the box spells Ledyba's name as "Ledy Ba" and Hoothoot's name as "Hoot Hoot". This may have been a spelling error or simply a result of the North American names for Ledyba and Hoothoot not yet being finalized, as Generation II had not yet been revealed to North America at the time of this cereal's debut.

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