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Keiko Han (Japanese: 潘恵子 Han Keiko) is a Japanese voice actress for the Pokémon anime.



Han was born on April 5, 1953, in Shinbashi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. She became a voice actress as an adult and led a prolific voice acting career since the mid-1970s. She was once affiliated with the talent agency Aoni Production, but is now affiliated with 81 Produce. Han became involved with the Pokémon anime during the original series, voicing Professor Ivy of the Orange Archipelago. She is of Taiwanese descent and has one child, a daughter named Megumi, who is also a voice actress. In her spare time, Han is an astrologer and fortune teller of Western horoscopes.

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  • Han's daughter Megumi went on to voice a number of characters in the anime.

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