Kathryn Raio

Kathryn Raio is an artist who performs songs for English dub of the Pokémon anime. She is the singer for Follow Your Star, the ending theme for the English-language dub of Black—Victini and Reshiram; Rival Destinies, the opening for Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies; It's Always You and Me for Pokémon Black & White: Adventures in Unova; and World of Wonder for Eevee & Friends.


Raio was born in New York City, and started out in a music choir. She watched the anime when she was in high school, and at one time met Jason Paige, who performed the original Pokémon theme. She has worked for many different employers, ranging from writing songs for Sesame Street to providing background vocals at the GRAMMY awards. Working alongside David Wolfert, she was eventually introduced to John Loeffler, who was the authority on writing songs for the English dub. She was later called back to perform "It's Always You and Me" alongside Neal Coomer.


  • According to Kathryn, the first two stanzas for Rival Destinies took approximately 45 minutes to record, due to fact that they wanted to make the performance as perfect as possible.
  • Kathryn claims to have a "musical deficit", an exaggeration of her passion for music.

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