Kasukarp (Japanese: カスキング Kasuking) is a character of the day who appeared in Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown!. In addition to being a ten-time winner of the annual Magikarp High Jump Competition, he is also a personal trainer.


Kasukarp competed in the tenth annual Magikarp High Jump Competition using his Shiny Magikarp, where it went up against Goh and his giant Magikarp. Kasukarp was ultimately declared the winner when Goh's own Magikarp jumped so high that it went into space and didn't land in time.

Kasukarp later visited Team Rocket's base, only for James to shut the door on him.


Shinegoldie (Japanese: キンキング Kinking), a Shiny Magikarp, was used to compete in the tenth annual Magikarp High Jump Competition. It was ultimately declared the winner when Goh's giant Magikarp failed to land in time.

Shinegoldie's only known move is Splash.

Debut Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown!
Machamp (×2)
Kasukarp has two Machamp that he uses to help train his Magikarp for the Magikarp High Jump Competition.

None of the Machamp's moves are known.

Debut Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown!

Pokémon competitions

Kasukarp has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 春日俊彰 Toshiaki Kasuga
English Daman Mills
Arabic علي سعد Ali Saad
Hebrew מאור אליעזר Maor Eliezer
Polish Kamil Kula
European Spanish Miguel Ángel Muro


  • Kasukarp's name and design appears to be based on his Japanese voice actor, Toshiaki Kasuga.



Language Name Origin
Japanese カスキング Kasuking From 春日俊彰 Toshiaki Kasuga and コイキング Koiking
English, Spanish,
Portuguese, Polish
Kasukarp From Toshiaki Kasuga and Magikarp
German Tompador From Tom and Karpador (Magikarp)
French Kasoucarpe From Toshiaki Kasuga and Magicarpe
Italian Oskarp From Oscar and Magikarp
Korean 울끈킹 Ulkkeunking From 울끈불끈 ulkkeun-bulkkeun (brawny) and 잉어킹 Ingeoking (Magikarp)
Chinese (Mandarin) 春旺 Chūnwàng From 春日俊彰 Toshiaki Kasuga and 鯉魚王 Lǐyúwáng (Magikarp)


Language Name Origin
Japanese キンキング Kinking From 金 kin (gold) or 筋 kin (muscle) and コイキング Koiking (Magikarp)
English, Latin American Spanish,
European Portuguese
Shinegoldie From shine and gold
German Gold-Karpi From Gold and Karpador (Magikarp)
European Spanish Doribrillo From dorado (golden) and brillo (shine)
French Nageoire Dorée From nageoire (fin) and dorée (gilded)
Italian Splendorado From splendore (splendor) and dorado (Spanish for golden)
Korean 금킹 Geumking From 금 geum (gold) and 잉어킹 Ingeoking (Magikarp)
Chinese (Mandarin) 筋鯉王 Jīnlǐwáng From 筋 jīn (muscle), 錦鯉 jǐnlǐ (koi), and 鯉魚王 Lǐyúwáng (Magikarp)
Polish Złociutki Diminutive form of złoty (gold)
Brazilian Portuguese Brilhado From brilho (shine) and dourado (golden)

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