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There are a total of seven hotels around Kalos in Pokémon X and Y. Six of the hotels are very similar to each other: Hotel Camphrier in Camphrier Town, Hotel Ambrette in Ambrette Town, Hotel Cyllage in Cyllage City, Hotel Marine Snow in Geosenge Town, Coumarine Hotel in Coumarine City, and Couriway Hotel in Couriway Town. These six hotels each have two floors and modest capacities. The seventh, Hotel Richissime in Lumiose City, is a luxury hotel that has a total of five floors, with many guest rooms distributed across the upper floors.


The six similar hotels have three accessible rooms on the second floor that usually feature certain types of guests.

The first room (leftmost, closest to the stairs), always contains one of six different guests who may give the player gifts. These people rotate through these six hotels on a six-day cycle. The second room contains—on certain days—a woman who will give the player different Ribbons and who also rotates through the hotels, but on a seven-day cycle. The third room usually contains Mr. Bonding, who will teach the player an O-Power; in Coumarine City, however, this room is occupied by the game director, who awards the Diploma.

Mr. Bonding also appears in Hotel Richissime, on the ground floor, but none of the other aforementioned guests do.

Rotating guests

Every day, the guest in the first room of each of the six similar hotels changes. These guests follow an orderly rotation "backwards" through these hotels. They mainly appear to be from regions outside of Kalos. If the player speaks to these guests on three separate days, on the fourth day, most will give the player an item or offer to trade Pokémon.

The table below describes which person will be in each hotel for days near to the current real-world time (UTC).

Camphrier Ambrette Cyllage Geosenge Coumarine Couriway
Mon, May 29 Hiker Waiter Madame Maid Tourist Backpacker
Tue, May 30
Waiter Madame Maid Tourist Backpacker Hiker
Wed, May 31 Madame Maid Tourist Backpacker Hiker Waiter
Thu, Jun 1 Maid Tourist Backpacker Hiker Waiter Madame
Fri, Jun 2 Tourist Backpacker Hiker Waiter Madame Maid
Sat, Jun 3 Backpacker Hiker Waiter Madame Maid Tourist
Sun, Jun 4 Hiker Waiter Madame Maid Tourist Backpacker

Ribbon guest

The second room in the six similar hotels may contain a young female Tourist who will give the player a Ribbon for their Pokémon. Which hotel she appears in and what Ribbon she will give depends on the day of the week. The player will place the Ribbon on the first Pokémon in their party, but if it already has that day's Ribbon, the woman will not offer it.

Camphrier Ambrette Cyllage Geosenge Coumarine Couriway
Day Tuesday Monday Saturday Wednesday Thursday Sunday Friday
Ribbon Shock Alert Snooze Downcast Careless Smile Relax

Mr. Bonding

Mr. Bonding grants the player a different O-Power depending on the location.

He also appears in most other cities, usually in the Pokémon Center.

In other languages

Hotel Cyllage

Language Title
  Japanese ホテル・ショウヨウ Hotel Shōyō
  French Hôtel des Côtes
  German Hotel Relievera
  Italian Hotel Altoripoli
  Korean 삼채 호텔 Samchae Hotel
  Spanish Hotel Relieve

Hotel Ambrette

Language Title
  Japanese ホテル・コウジン Hotel Kōjin
  French Hôtel Le Glifforoc
  German Hotel Petrophia
  Italian Hotel Petroglifari
  Korean 가라 호텔 Gara Hotel
  Spanish Hotel Petroglifo

Hotel Marine Snow

Language Title
  Japanese ホテル・マリンスノー Hotel Marine Snow
  French Hôtel Neige Marine
  German Hotel Meeresschnee
  Italian Hotel Nevemarina
  Korean 마린스노 호텔 Marine Snow Hotel
  Spanish Hotel Nievemarina

Coumarine Hotel

Language Title
  Japanese ホテル・ヒヨク Hotel Hiyoku
  French Hôtel de la Jetée
  German Hotel Tempera
  Italian Hotel Temperopoli
  Korean 비익 호텔 Bi-ik Hotel
  Spanish Hotel Témpera

Couriway Hotel

Language Title
  Japanese ホテル・レンリ Hotel Renri
  French Hôtel du Belvédère
  German Hotel Mosaia
  Italian Hotel Mosaico
  Korean 배롱 호텔 Baerong Hotel
  Spanish Hotel Mosaico

Hotel Camphrier

Language Title
  Japanese ホテル・コボク Hotel Koboku
  French Auberge du Fort
  German Hotel Vanitéa
  Italian Hotel Vanità
  Korean 고목내 호텔 Gomoknae Hotel
  Spanish Hotel Vánitas

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