Jigglypuff (DPt-P Promo 47)

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Jigglypuff LV.25
プリン Purin
Illus. Kagemaru Himeno
Evolution stage Basic Pokémon
Card name Jigglypuff
Type Colorless
HP 60
retreat cost
Japanese expansion DPt-P Promotional cards
Japanese card no. 047/DPt-P
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff (Japanese: プリン Purin) is a Colorless-type Basic Pokémon card. It is one of the DPt-P Promotional cards.

Card text

  Sleep Together
Both Active Pokémon are now Asleep.
    Balance Ball Attack
If your opponent's Active Pokémon is Asleep, this attack does 20 more damage.

Pokédex data

Jigglypuff - Balloon Pokémon
No. Height Weight
039 1'08" (0.5 m) 12.1 lbs. (5.5 kg)
Pokédex entry
つぶらな ひとみが ゆれるとき だれもが ねむくなってしまう こもりうたを うたいはじめる。

Release information

In Japan, this card was given to participants of Challenge Hiroba tournaments held in August 2009.


The illustration of this card portrays the same scene as Chatot, but from a different angle.


This card's Pokédex entry comes from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

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