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Jessica (Japanese: ジェシカ Jessica) is a character of the day who appeared in Grooming Furfrou!. She is a Pokémon groomer who works under the tutelage of her master, Sherman. She was assigned to care for a Furfrou that did not approve of her.

Jessica first appeared in the episode where she tried to style her Furfrou but it did not allow her to groom it. She met Ash and his friends when this Furfrou bumped into Bonnie and injured her. After apologizing to the group for Bonnie's injury, Jessica took them to a Pokémon Groomer salon shop where she worked. Inside, she taught them the basics of Furfrou grooming and some things to look out for. After Sherman was finished with two Furfrou with the Kabuki and La Reine trim, he recommended Jessica to take Ash and his friends around the city as it was Ash's first time.

They go to another salon which was owned by a disguised Team Rocket. After Serena left her Fennekin there, Jessica helped the group in getting Fennekin back as Officer Jenny pointed out about the salon owned by con artists. While Ash took on Team Rocket, her Furfrou was captured and Jessica brought up the courage to save Furfrou from the cage it was held captive in by the trio. When Jessica freed it from being trapped inside an electrical cage, she finally earned its respect. Jessica had Furfrou finish Team Rocket off. At the end of the episode, Jessica gave Furfrou a trim.


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Jessica's Furfrou

Jessica's Furfrou
Furfrou is a Pokémon that was assigned to Jessica by Sherman. This Furfrou did not approve of her at first, and did not listen to her as she was not confident in her skills. After Furfrou was saved from Team Rocket by Jessica, it finally trusted her. Jessica then trimmed it and gave it the Heart Trim.

Furfrou's only known move is Charge Beam.

Debut Grooming Furrow!
Voice actors
English Michele Knotz

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 戸松遥 Haruka Tomatsu
English Kate Bristol
Finnish Raili Raitala
Hebrew עינת אזולאי Einat Azulay
European Spanish Ana San Millán

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