I am a Collector

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I am a Collector (Japanese: 我はコレクター Ware wa Collector) is the Japanese theme song of Lawrence III in The Power of One. It was sung by Takeshi Kaga, who portrayed Lawrence III in the original version of the movie.


Japanese English translation
私は 誰かの王様ではない
私は 誰かの兵隊でもない

くだけた鏡を はりあわせていくように

我は コレクター!
我は コレクター! コレクター!

私は 明日を手放しはしない
私は 昨日を葬りはしない


我は コレクター!
我は コレクター! コレクター!


私は地上に しばられはしない
私は空から 見下ろしはしない
I’m not someone’s king.
I’m not someone’s soldier.

Like piecing together a shattered mirror,
I gather the pieces of a broken world.

I am a collector!
I am a collector! Collector!

I won’t let go of tomorrow;
I won’t bury yesterday.

Like notes lined up on a musical score,
I realign tattered bits of time.

I am a collector!
I am a collector! Collector!

You may look... at this sublime light.
You may listen... to this heavenly melody.

I will not be bound to the earth;
I will not just look down from the sky.
I want to embrace
The dreams trapped in this prism...
That is my... collection!

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