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This article is about the Korean anime opening. For the move, see Hold Hands (move).
Our Memories
Korean ending themes
Pika Pika
손을 잡고
BW ED 06 Korean.png
Soneul Jabgo
Holding Hands
BW ED 06
Artist 김지은, 이진영
Kim Ji-eun, Lee Jinyeong
Lyrics 곽길문
Gwak Gilmun
Composer 곽길문
Gwak Gilmun
Arrangement 김상우
Kim Sangu

Holding Hands (Korean: 손을 잡고 Soneul Jabgo) is the sixth and final ending theme for the Korean dub of Pokémon the Series: Black & White. It debuted in BW123, replacing Our Memories. It was also used as the ending theme for BWS01 and BWS02. It uses the same animation as the corresponding Japanese ending theme, Let's Join Hands.

The full version of the song was used as the ending theme song for the 25th Pikachu short of the Pokémon anime, PK25.


Ending animation


Ash, with Pikachu on his shoulder, makes a phone call to his mother while Mimey stands next to her. Cilan and Pansage sends an e-mail to Chili, who receives it at the Striaton Gym with Pansear standing next to him. Iris and Axew send a letter to the elder and Shannon via Wingull. At Nuvema Town, Professor Juniper tells Bianca something, which causes her to freak out, trip over while running and call Burgundy, Georgia and Stephan on the Xtransceiver.

Burgundy, who's studying at a Pokémon Center with her Dewott, doesn't take the news well and gets angry. Stephan takes the news just fine and walks off while Don George and Sawk flex in the background. Georgia hangs up and looks up into the air sadly while her Beartic stares at her. The scene transitions to N extending his hand to a group of Pidove, Cameron walking with his Lucario, Virgil and Eevee flying in a helicopter, and Trip taking pictures while his Serperior sits next to him. Trip looks to the camera and takes a picture, which transitions to various screenshots of BW001 to BW122 and ends with a picture of Ash, Iris, and Cilan with their on hand Pokémon.

Jessie, James, and Team Rocket are seen with Delibird, who gives them blueprints for a Basculin submarine from Dr. Zager on a tablet. On a beach, Scraggy trips on the ground, but is helped up by Pikachu and Axew. On top of a tree, Pansage and Snivy hand apples to Excadrill and Pignite while a stuffed Oshawott sleeps and Emolga greedily eats apples in the background. In a city, Crustle and Stunfisk can't get up some stairs, so Charizard and Dragonite help by lifting them off the ground.

Ash and Iris begin holding hands, and are soon followed by Cilan. The camera pans along various main characters and rivals from throughout the anime's run with their Pokémon standing next to them. Inside a circle sits an Eevee and its eight evolutions which is surrounded by Ash, who holds hands with his friends and family in a giant circle. The camera zooms out to a map of Unova, which zooms out even further to show the entire planet from space. From space, several Poké Balls fly across the screen to indicate messages being sent out.


Banner from the ending theme, featuring all main protagonists and some rivals




TV Size

Korean English
살며시 불어오는 바람 속에
푸르른 저 하늘을 바라보며
우리 함께 했던 모든 날들을
난 기억해

아름다운 미소를 가졌던 너
날마다 변치 않는 웃음으로
나를 안아 줬던 따뜻한 너를 기억할게

때로는 힘들고 눈물 흘러도
다시 일어설 힘이 있어
약속한 그 말 손 잡던 그날
영원토록 함께 할게

너와 함께한 날들처럼
우리 영원히 손을 잡자
이보다 소중한 건 없어
우리의 꿈을 모아

나와 함께해 손을 잡고
우리 함께해 힘을 모아
하늘에 빛나는 별빛처럼
처음 만난 미소처럼
처음 만난 미소처럼
Amongst the gently blowing breeze
I look up at the blue sky
I remember
All the days we were together

You had a wonderful smile
I’ll remember the warm embrace you gave me
With your daily unchanging laughter

Even though it sometimes gets tough and teary
I’ve got the strength to stand up again
Your promises and the day we clasped hands
I’ll be with them forever

Like the days we were together
Let’s hold hands forever
There’s nothing more valuable than this
Gather our dreams

Let's join together with holding hands
Let's join together, gathering our strengths
Like the stars shining in the sky
Like the smile we had when we first met
Like the smile we had when we first met
Our Memories
Korean ending themes
Pika Pika
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