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(Japanese: ハルト Haruto) is a character of the day who appeared in JNS05. He is the son of So and Sae, though passed away one year prior to the events of JNS05 due to an illness.

Haruto met Ash when he was looking for his Pikachu that had gone missing during the night. Haruto led Ash over to where Team Rocket were and watched as Ash freed Pikachu before sending them blasting off.

After introducing themselves, Haruto told Ash he had always wanted to touch a Pokémon but never had the chance. Ash attempted to find one for him to pet, including Diglett, Dodrio, and Kakuna; however they kept leading him into trouble. When Ash started feeling hungry, Haruto led him to a house where many Oran Berries grew but then disappeared. Ash then met the couple who lived at the house, So and Sae. After leaving, Haruto asked Ash to retrieve his hat which had been stolen by a Mankey. Ash tracked down the Mankey and successfully retrieved the hat and swapped it for his own, at which point Haruto silently led Ash back to So and Sae's house.

When Ash got there, Haruto disappeared while So and Sae were shocked to see the hat Ash was carrying. It emerged that Haruto was their son who had always wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer and often played with the Pokémon of the forest, however he had died of an illness before he got to set off on his journey. Haruto loved the sky, leading So to only paint pictures of the sky. When Ash bid farewell to the couple and continued on his way, Haruto appeared to Ash again who invited him to touch Pikachu, however Haruto was unable to, due to being a ghost. Ash then used his aura to connect with Haruto and allow him to touch Pikachu, making the boy very happy. Haruto then vanished, appearing one last time to observe his parents.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 関根有咲 Arisa Sekine

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