ハリル Hariru
Gender Male
Eye color Magenta
Hair color Peach
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Father (deceased)
Member of Great Gavel
Rank Warrior

Hariru (Japanese: ハリル) is a character in the Pokémon RéBURST manga. He is a former member of the Great Gavel Organization and was one of their Seven Warriors.


Hariru's first meeting with Carola

Hariru, at most times, is usually very calm and relaxed, but he will quickly become angry when provoked enough. In battle, Hariru proves that he is proficient in fooling the opponent with his illusionary abilities, reflecting the Pokémon he Bursts with.

Despite his extreme fixation on having his revenge, he still cares about his fellow Seven Warrior Carola and shares an almost brother-sisterly bond with her.


Hariru first appears after Ryouga uses his Compass of Light to locate the Burst Heart that he was carrying with him. Hariru then turns around to see Ryouga waving hello to him from afar and notices the Compass of Light in his hands. He quickly kicks up a can from off of the ground and powerfully sends it flying towards Ryouga and his friends, making a huge crater in the wall behind them and cutting Ryouga's cheek.

Hariru then reveals that with the Compass of Light, Ryouga can find the person he was looking for, Arcades, if he collects the six "original Burst Hearts." Hearing that Hariru is looking for Arcades too, Ryouga tries befriending him. This action only angers Hariru who reveals that Arcades had destroyed his village and killed his father when he was only a child. He reveals that he is a member of Great Gavel and turns into his Burst form, a Zorua, and Ryouga does the same; the two begin battling.

After Ryouga punches Hariru into a building, Miruto is seen emerging from the smoke in his place, making Ryouga freeze in shock. Suddenly, "Miruto" kicks Ryouga and sends him flying. The real Miruto informs Ryouga that Hariru is using Zorua's Illusion Ability to take on her form. The two continue battling and Hariru constantly confuses Ryouga throughout the battle with his illusionary abilities, ranging from taking on the appearance of someone else, to transforming items into something else to fool him into attacking it.

Hariru as a child

Eventually, Hariru emerges victorious, his skills being too strong for Ryouga to handle, and takes his Burst Heart. Next, another member of Great Gavel, Carola, arrives on the scene and takes it from Hariru. When Hariru protests to this, Carola replies that it was their bosses orders and gives it back to Miruto while telling her to not lose it; the two then make their leave.

He and Carola reappear to participate in the tournament for Burst Warriors, Burst Heart Survival. Using his Burst, Hariru passes the first round of BHS, the "Suddenly Bottomless Survival" and successfully moves onto the next round. In the second round, "Box Escape Survival", Hariru faces off against Rush, a Cofagrigus Burst Warrior. He swiftly defeats Rush and escapes the box, being the first one to do so. Having defeated his opponent, Hariru moves onto the third round along with the remaining nine contestants.

In the third round, "Add-up-to-ten Survival", Hariru is given the medal labeled 9, marking him as the first to leave their box from the previous round. After Ryouga defeats Dokan and takes his medal, Hariru shows up to fight him. Due to Ryouga's newly gained strength, he is now able to fight Hariru on even terms and can even take his Night Shadow Shot without being seriously hurt.

Ryouga and Hariru fighting again

Eventually, their battle comes to a close when Ryouga uses the last of his remaining strength to fire one last attack at Hariru. Hariru confidently attempts to block the attack only to hear Carola's pained screams for him in the distance, distracting him long enough to be hit by the attack. Hariru emerges from the smoke and falls down defeated while Ryouga tiredly looks over him, eventually falling over unconscious for using all his energy in his last attack.

Despite the beating he took, Hariru manages to get up once more. He takes Ryouga's 1 medal, deciding that even though he lost this battle, he must win the tournament and get his revenge. He then goes to where he heard the scream from earlier and finds Carola there hurt, lying on the ground and had her medal stolen. Carola apologizes for ignoring his warning about Fraud but Hariru tells her to stay there and rest.

Hariru swearing revenge for Carola

Hariru swears revenge against Fraud for messing with the Seven Warriors and makes his way to the spot where the other winners are. Having taken Ryouga's 1 medal, Hariru is allowed to onto the next round with 10 points.

Later, while waiting for the next round to start, Hariru sits next to an injured Carola in a hospital bed while she recovers. As he remembers Carola and Ryouga asking him to leave Great Gavel, Hariru shakes the memories off and states that he needs the organization in order to get his revenge against Arcades.

In the fourth round, "Seesaw Balloon Survival", Hariru is paired up against Fraud. Wanting revenge for what happened to Carola, Hariru attacks Fraud relentlessly only to find out that he is using special movements to take low amounts of damage from the hits. As they battle, Hariru's attacks are easily deflected by Fraud and he is sent flying backwards.

Eventually, an injured Carola makes it to the stage and reveals the secret to Fraud's true identity that she found out before. Carola reveals that Fraud is, in fact, the boss of Great Gavel. Hariru, shocked that Fraud isn't a middle aged man like he remembers, is told by Fraud that using the technology of Great Gavel, he managed to reverse his aging. After delivering one more powerful blow to Hariru, Fraud reveals to him that the person who had killed Hariru's father and destroyed his village was actually him and not Arcades like he was led to believe.

Angered, Hariru tries to attack Fraud, but to no avail due to his powerful shield. Eventually, he manages to get through the shield and charges straight at Fraud. Despite managing to get through the shield, Hariru is defeated by a powerful attack from Fraud and is eliminated from the tournament. After being saved from a nasty fall by Ryouga, Fraud praises Hariru for becoming stronger as he throws his Burst Heart into the pile of other taken ones.

Hariru and Carola returns

He spends most of the next round unconscious but is awakened when a shard of Fraud's arm falls next to him. Realizing that Ryouga has managed to damage Fraud, Hariru commands him to focus all of his power into one attack. Hariru's advice works, and Fraud's attack is destroyed, allowing Ryouga to fight on equal grounds until the two finish the fight in a tie.

After the tournament ends, Hariru convinces the other contestants to stop fighting over the prize money and give it to the person who retrieved their Burst Hearts, Ryouga, or they will have to fight him. Afterward, Hariru and Carola leave on a journey to get strong enough to defeat Fraud.

Sometime later, Hariru and Carola return to help Ryouga's friends fend off Ganku and Rovy, two members of the Three Generals of Great Gavel that Hariru knew from his early days in the organization. Harirus and Carola Burst and uses their newly-gained strength to face their opponents in battle. Despite their best efforts, Ganku and Rovy use a special combination attack to seemingly defeat the duo.

Hariru manages to stay conscious while Carola is defeated. Tired of Rovy's taunts, Hariru's anger causes his Zorua. along with his Burst, to evolve into a Zoroark. With his new power, Hariru gains enough strength to be evenly matched with his opponents. Despite the new strength Hariru gained, Rovy and Ganku do not give up and attacks Hariru with their combination attack a second time.

The attack appears to defeat Hariru, but a second one appears from the sky to attack Rovy and Ganku from behind. The two aren't fooled and turn around to attack the other Hariru, who turns out to have been an illusion all along. The real Hariru emerges from the wreckage of the combination attack he took and strikes his opponents, defeating them. Having won the battle, Hariru thanks Zoroark and entrusts Carola in Miruto's care before fainting from exhaustion.

Later, Hariru and Carola are given medical care by Miruto when and injured Ryouga comes in after his battle with Amu. The two exchange a quick greeting before Hariru and Carola leave to take their revenge on Fraud. Despite Ryouga offering to have them join his friend, Hariru refuses the offer but promises to fight Ryouga again the next time they meet.

Later, Hariru and Carola go to the Great Gavel headquarters, only to find it in shambles. After interrogating a Grunt, they find out the culprit was the newly-revived Fraud, who comes in and greets the two. Immediately, Hariru and Carola prepare to face Fraud and charges into battle against him. With his new strength, Hariru seems to be easily matched against Fraud.

Suddenly, Fraud abandons his Bisharp Burst Heart and reveals another one he plans to use against Hariru. Much to their surprise, Hariru and Carola see that Fraud has the Burst Heart of a Reshiram and he proceeds to activate his new Burst form. Fraud, with his new power, easily defeats Hariru by stopping his Dirty Launcher attack and sending him flying into a wall. Devastated at Hariru's defeat, Carola tries to attack Fraud, only to be struck down as well.

Later, he wakes up to find Carola and him having been saved by Cobalion at the Great Gavel base. They watch the final battle between Ryouga and Fraud on the monitor and cheer Ryouga on as he faces his opponent.

A few months after the defeat of Fraud, Hariru and Carola watch as Ryouga and his friends go on a new adventure. Carola asks Hariru if they are going to join their friends, but Hariru decides that it's best if they go on their own way instead. Much to his chagrin, Carola calls Hariru a tsundere and hugs him.



Zorua → Zoroark
Zoroark is Hariru's only known Pokémon, and he has had it since it was a Zorua. Hariru uses Zoroark to Burst, allowing him to use the illusionary abilities that Zoroark can use.

None of Zoroark's moves are known.

Debut Enigmatic Burst Warrior


As a user of Burst, Hariru can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Zoroark. With Zoroark's Illusion Ability, Hariru can make himself or any object appear as something or someone else in order to fool the opponent into lowering their guard, allowing him to strike when their guard is down. Also, Hariru has enhanced hearing, allowing him to listen to sounds from far away. In addition to his Burst abilities, Hariru possesses great physical strength and is strong enough to kick something as small and light as a can into a wall and make a somewhat sizable crater. In his battle against Rovy and Ganku, Hariru's Zorua evolved into a Zoroark, causing his Burst to do so as well.

Known techniques

  • Night Shadow Shot (Japanese: 闇影射球, literally Dark Shadow Shot Sphere, read as ナイトシャドーショット, Night Shadow Shot). While in his Burst form, Hariru glows with energy and forms a sphere of darkness in between his hands. He then throws it onto the ground and kicks it at his opponent, creating a powerful explosion.
  • Night Shadow Shot W (Japanese: 闇影射球W, literally Dark Shadow Shot Sphere W, read as ナイトシャドーショットダブル, Night Shadow Shot Double). The same as his previous Night Shadow Shot, but with two spheres instead of one.
  • Dirty Launcher (Japanese: 邪影蹴天, literally Evil Shadow Heavenly Kick, read as ダーティーランチャー, Dirty Launcher). Hariru's foot glows with energy and he delivers a series of powerful kicks at the opponent.

Conceptual artwork

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