Hall of Chivalry

Hall of Chivalry
騎士道の館 Hall of Chivalry
Hall of Chivalry.png
Hall of Chivalry
Region Kalos
Debut JN056

The (Japanese: 騎士道の館 Hall of Chivalry) is an anime-exclusive location located in the Kalos region. Wikstrom of the Elite Four uses it to coach Pokémon and Trainers who desire true strength. It appeared in JN056.

Upon learning of the Hall of Chivalry, Ash and Goh traveled there with Farfetch'd and Scyther, respectively, to get some coaching from Wikstrom. The coaching session consists of three challenges: running ten laps around the castle, making it through a booby-trapped maze called the (Japanese: Maze of Doubts), and fighting Wikstrom and his Aegislash while trying to retrieve a key from his Klefki. The Trainers and Pokémon who pass all three challenges are rewarded with Knight Medals.

Ash and Goh managed to pass the challenges and received Knight Medals. Afterwards, Wikstrom helped Goh evolve his Scyther into Scizor by giving it a Metal Coat and transferring it through a trade machine.

The location was mentioned again in JN060, where Rinto revealed that he and his Gallade had trained there as well.

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