Seven Grapefruit Islands

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Seven Grapefruit Islands
ザボン七島 Seven Zabon Islands
Grapefruit Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Snack Attack!
Location of Seven Grapefruit Islands in the Orange Archipelago

The Seven Grapefruit Islands (Japanese: ザボン七島 Seven Zabon Islands) are a chain of seven tiny isles in the eastern region of the Orange Archipelago. The islands grow grapefruits, and is the only place where they grow them in the Orange Islands. The people on these islands also make the grapefruit peels into candies.

Although the islands are famous for their large grapefruits, it is actually people who grow them. Each island is covered in grapefruit trees. During the winter, each tree is covered in straw for insulation, sprayed with insect repellent and weeded. Butterfree are imported from surrounding islands to help pollinate the grapefruit trees' white flowers, and the fruit develops during the warmer months for picking and processing.

In the anime

In Snack Attack, a hungry Snorlax had devastated the first island and it was later discovered that it could swim to reach the other islands. Ruby immediately put the area on lockdown because she feared for the survival of the grapefruit. Ash eventually caught Snorlax, which saved the Grapefruit Islands' groves from its gluttonous appetite.

Pokémon seen on the Seven Grapefruit Islands

Butterfree (multiple)

Caught Pokémon

Ash's Snorlax

In the manga

The Seven Grapefruit Islands in The Electric Tale of Pikachu

The Electric Tale of Pikachu

The Seven Grapefruit Islands appeared in Attack of the Demon Stomach, where they served the same role as in the anime.

Pokémon seen on the Seven Grapefruit Islands



  • Grapefruit Island No. 3 is the largest of the seven.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ザボン七島 Zabon Nanashima From 朱欒 / 香欒 zabon, pomelo
English Seven Grapefruit Islands From grapefruit, a citrus fruit commonly misidentified as pomelo
French Îles Pamplemousse From pamplemousse (grapefruit)
German Sieben Grapefruit Islands From its English name
Italian Le sette Isole del Pompelmo From pompelmo (grapefruit)
Spanish Siete Islas Pomelo* From pomelo
Siete Islas Toronja* From toronja (grapefruit)
Korean 칠주란군도 Chiljuran Gundo From 주란 (朱欒) juran, pomelo
Chinese 果實七島 / 果实七岛 Guǒshí Qīdǎo / Gwósaht Chātdóu* From 果實 guǒshí / gwósaht (fruit)
胡柚七岛 Húyòu Qīdǎo* From 胡柚 húyòu, a variety of pomelo
Danish Seven Grapefruit-øerne From English name
Norwegian De syv Grapefruktøyene From English name
Polish Siedem Wysp Grejpfrutowych From English name
Sweden De sju grapefruktöarna From English name

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