Gordon (AG107)

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Gordon (Japanese: サトル Satoru) is a character of the day who appeared in Absol-ute Disaster.


Gordon and his younger brother Nicky live in Riyado Town. The town had a problem with an Absol and blamed it for a recent spate of disasters including several destroyed bridges. Though Gordon refused to believe it. In search of answers, he went looking for the Absol. When he failed to return, the town believed the Absol got to him.

Nicky, along with Ash and his friends, went to find Gordon. When Nicky and Max fell off a cliff, Gordon and his Heracross came to their rescue. Gordon also revealed that after he saved an Absol from falling, he decided to spend some time studying the mysterious Pokémon. He ventured across to other mountains to learn about different Absol, and he came to understand that they preferred to keep to themselves and would only attack if provoked. That was when he discovered Riyado Town was about to be flooded.

Using all their Pokémon, the group was able to stop the imminent flood by knocking down a boulder. The Riyado Town locals soon apologized to Absol and Gordon and considered Absol a hero rather than an enemy.


The listing is of Gordon's known Pokémon:

Gordon's Heracross was first used to save Max and Ash's Pikachu from falling off a cliff. He later called on its strength to push a boulder over to block the flood waters from reaching Riyado Town.

Heracross's known moves are Horn Attack and Hidden Power.

Debut Absol-ute Disaster
Voice actors
Japanese Koichi Sakaguchi
English Koichi Sakaguchi

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 岸尾大輔 Daisuke Kishio
English Jason Griffith
Finnish Bruno Lähteenmäki
European French Grégory Praet
Italian Lorenzo Scattorin
Brazilian Portuguese Dado Monteiro
European Spanish Jesús Maniega


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