These are Gordie's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Sword

Circhester Stadium
  • During Gym mission
"Can you hear me?"
"Try to feel your way through... Trust your senses..."
"That's it... That's the ticket..."
"Take a deep breath. Focus."
"It might get a bit harder to see, now..."
"You have to carry on, not knowing what lies before you."
"Tsk, tsk! No rubbing your eyes!"
"No hesitation. Your only choice is forward."
"Failure opens your eyes to things you couldn't see before."
"Don't let yourself slip up now. Not this close to the end."
"You did... wonderfully. Just wonderfully."
"Now, Gym Challenger. Join me on the pitch."
  • Before battle
"Hey there. The name's Gordie. I admit I feel a little bad for doing this to a Gym Challenger, but... I'm going to use this match to show the crowd that my Pokémon are unbeatable! So, let's get this over with, Challenger!"
  • Before sending out final Pokémon
"Not yet! I'm not crumbling to dust just yet. We can still battle!"
"Like a giant mountain boulder! Hiyah! Gigantamax!"
"Size means strength! Savor this pain!"
  • Upon being defeated
"I just want to climb into a hole... Well, I guess it'd be more like falling from here."
  • After being defeated
"That was...impressive. Rules are rules. Here, take this Rock Badge."
"Oh, don't worry about me. I just need to train harder, that's all."
Wyndon Stadium (Champion Cup Locker Room)
"I'll be bringing my matches to an end in a heartbeat--you'll see. No one who sees them will ever forget me."
Wyndon Stadium (Champion Cup)
  • Before battle
"I've got nothing to say. I'm here to win."
  • Upon being defeated
"I've been crushed! I pride myself on my solid Pokémon, and yet this..."
  • After being defeated
"Sorry to lose my cool... I'll be sure to challenge you again."
Circhester Stadium (Sordward and Shielbert)
"Get to safety, you three!"
"Oh, actually... I didn't realize who I was talking to."
"I was just thinking over how to handle all the Dynamax Pokémon..."
"With all of you here, we can each take one of them on!"
"Let's hurry to the pitch."
"Nice work, everyone. No one's hurt, are they?"
"Hehe. I expected nothing less from you, <player>. You seem like quite the reliable Trainer, too, Hop."
"I'll take care of the Pokémon we battled, so there's no need for any of you to worry, all right?"
"<player>. It's hardly a reward for what you've done for me, but please take a copy of my League Card."
"If anything comes up, please contact me."
"All right then. I wish you all the best of luck for the future!"
Wyndon Stadium (Champion Cup Rematch)
  • Before battle
"I've got nothing to say. I'm here to win."
  • Upon being defeated
"I've been crushed! I pride myself on my solid Pokémon, and yet this..."
  • After being defeated
"Sorry to lose my cool... I'll be sure to challenge you again."
Isle of Armor Random Encounters
  • When first spoken to
"Fancy meeting you here, Champion!"
"We're trying out some tricky movements geared to bring out Coalossal's full power. So don't get too comfortable being Champion!"
"An acquaintance of mine gave me an Armor Pass. I figured it'd be nice to have a change of scenery once in a while for our training."
"The air's so damp in here! Makes it quite hot and humid, doesn't it? If my mum were here, she'd never stop complaining about it. That's for sure..."
"Quite the view up here, isn't it? Look how far you can see! Too bad you can't make out Circhester, but that's to be expected, I guess."
"Coalossal seems to perk up a bit when we head into a cave. I suppose it must feel like being back home in Galar Mine."
"Coalossal may be weak to Water, but its Ability makes it grow much speedier when it gets wet!"
"Watch out — there's a chance Coalossal might tip over! It's about three times my weight, so be careful!"
"Daytime here on the Isle of Armor's hot enough to get me all sweaty. Not like Circhester, where I'm grateful for every bit of heat Coalossal gives off."
  • During overcast conditions
"What a thick blanket of clouds! Seems like we're in for some showers. And no, it's not smoke from Coalossal."
  • During rain or thunderstorms
"I slipped in the mud and nearly fell... But I managed to turn that into a backward somersault and land safely!"
"Being able to walk around in sandstorms like this unbothered is one of the greatest things about wearing sunglasses!"
"No matter how many times I wipe my lenses, they just fog back up and I can't see a thing... Training's on hold until this fog clears!"
Wyndon Stadium (Galarian Star Tournament)
Partnering with Gordie
  • In the locker room before the first round
"You may be the Champion and all, but I don't plan to sit back and let that decide this match. I'm going to show everyone the brilliance of the Rock-type--in that sense, I'll even beat you."
  • In the locker room before the second round
"What did you think of our graceful Water-type moves? I've worked to refine them to their purest form. I'll be firing them off from beside you in the next match, too."
  • In the locker room before the last round
"When you and I team up together, there's no way we can do anything but win. So once you're ready, let's go and do just that."
  • On the field before the first round battle
"Don't worry-If things get too dicey, I'll back you up."
  • On the field before the second round battle
"Whew! Doing a backflip takes quite a bit of focus, you know."
  • On the field before the last round battle
"Just battle like you always do. Victory will come naturally!"
  • Winning the Tournament
"I enjoyed that tournament quite a bit. The way that you battled, <player>... That's what makes you worthy to be my partner."