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トゲたろう Togetarō
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Gold's Togekiss
Egg obtained in Teddiursa's Picnic
Egg obtained at Route 32
Hatches in Gligar Glide
Hatched at Route 34
Evolves in All About Arceus VIII
All About Arceus VIII
Gender Male
Ability Hustle
Nature Naughty
Current location With Gold
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This Pokémon spent 12 chapters in its Egg, 352 chapters as Togepi, and less than 1 chapter as Togetic.

Togebo (Japanese: トゲたろう Togetarō), known as Togetaro in Chuang Yi's translations, is a Togekiss that Gold owns in Pokémon Adventures and his sixth Pokémon overall. Togebo was hatched from an Egg laid by the two Togetic owned by Jasmine. As of All About Arceus V, he is at level 81, and his Characteristic is that he "hates to lose."


Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Togebo's parents

Prior to Number One Donphan, Tobego was conceived by Jasmine's two Togetic when she left both of them in the Day Care. His Egg was found by the Day-Care Couple and delivered to Professor Elm. Togebo was first seen as an Egg in Violet City with an assistant of Professor Elm who was looking for Gold so he could give it to him. After some time, the assistant eventually caught up with Gold and gave the Egg to him, which he named "Eggy."

In Gligar Glide, right after Gold went to sleep in the woods on the outskirts of Goldenrod City, a Gligar swooped down and snatched Togebo's Egg. Aibo tried, unsuccessfully, to wake Gold and he rallied his teammates to chase after it. Aibo caught up first and tried to attack Gligar but it used its stinger, causing Aibo to fall. Then Gligar kicked Polibo, who has just jumped out of the water. Pretending to be a tree, Sudobo caught Gligar, and Exbo used a powerful Ember. Gligar flew away to a tree to eat the Egg, but Sunbo landed on Gligar's head. Unfortunately, this made Gligar headbutt the Egg, creating a crack in the shell. Pieces of the Egg flew off, and Togepi appeared. Gligar, still hungry, attempted to eat Togepi anyways. Togepi retaliated with Double-Edge and Metronome; Metronome came out as Supersonic, which scared Gligar off.

In Piloswine Whine, Togebo was used alongside the rest of Gold's team to defeat Team Rocket's horde of Pokémon.

In Tyranitar War, Togebo battled in Gold's fight against Silver. He managed to defeat his powerful Tyranitar with Double-Edge, but was knocked out as well when Tyranitar fell on top of him.

In Sandslash Surprise, Togebo helped defeat a group of Sandslash. Sometime after this, he was sent to Professor Oak for him to study the Spike Ball Pokémon's odd traits.

In The Last Battle VI, Togebo watched the rest of Gold's Pokémon battle against the Masked Man from inside his Poké Ball, infuriated that Gold did not think he was strong enough to battle.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

Togebo and Gold
Togebo winning the Pokéathlon Speed Course

In Out-Odding Oddish, Togebo participated in the Pokéathlon alongside Sunbo and Sudobo. They started with the Jump Course, and were shown competing in the Disc Catch competition. Sunbo and Sudobo focused on catching discs thrown towards them, while Togebo used his small size to move through the crowd and nab discs other teams were aiming for. They next competed in the Lamp Jump. The three were able to touch enough lights to earn Gold enough points to win the Jump Medal.

The same three later competed in the Speed Course and encountered a powerful Trainer, Jet. In the Hurdle Dash and Pennant Capture competitions, Jet's team easily defeated Sunbo and Sudobo. In the final match, Relay Run, while most Trainers were seen running with their Pokémon, Gold was seen sliding on the ground while riding his skateboard in the wrong direction. An exhausted and in last place Sudobo struggled to move on, so he was switched for Sunbo. Seeing there was not much time left, Gold switched Sunbo out for Togebo. Togebo's fast speed allowed him to easily catch up to Jet's Dodrio, but he was kicked away into the gravel by Dodrio's foot. The dirt got into Togebo's eyes, preventing him from being able to see and run properly. Gold commanded Togebo to keep going and gave him directions on where to move, having spent his time memorizing the course. Togebo continued running and eventually managed to make it past Jet's Dodrio, which gave Gold the win.

In One Tough Togepi, Gold sent out his entire team, save Togebo, to fight and distract Lance's Dragonite. Once Dragonite attacked with Hyper Beam, Gold launched Togebo's Poké Ball with his billiard cue, which met the devastating laser attack. Togebo managed to endure the attack long enough to shoot past Dragonite, and came back around with a Double-Edge at the back of its head, fainting the Dragon Pokémon. Later, after Aibo evolved into an Ambipom, Togebo was seen sulking over the attention that he received from the Kimono Girls. It was then revealed that Gold did not exactly know how to evolve Togebo.

In All About Arceus II, after Gold managed to find the missing Lance at the Ruins of Alph, it was revealed that the reason that Togebo has yet to evolve was due to the fact that the two were not fully connected. Lance then gave Togebo a Shiny Stone in the event that they figure it out. When Gold went to battle the rampaging Arceus in All About Arceus VIII, Gold realized how he never thought Togebo to be as strong as his other Pokémon and kept him as a last resort in all of his battles. Realizing his grave mistake, Gold told Togebo to fight; Togebo joined the battle, evolving into a Togetic and then into a Togekiss immediately after. With their new power, Gold and Togebo managed to calm Arceus down.

Personality and characteristics

The Shiny Stone Togebo used to evolve
Togebo's aggressive personality

Since hatching from his Egg, Togebo picked up some of Gold's habits such as gambling. He is a very naughty and stubborn Pokémon, and is often seen with a sulk on his face. As described by DJ Mary, Gold and Togebo are so alike they may as well be twins. Despite being newly hatched, Togebo was easily able to defeat opponents more experienced such as Gligar and Tyranitar, but also fainted in the process as for the latter.

In the HeartGold & SoulSilver arc, it was revealed that Togebo felt like that it was not fully connected with Gold, as stated by Lance at one point. This was due to Gold believing that Togebo was not as strong as the rest of team and only brought him out as a last resort. During the fight with Arceus, Gold realized his mistake and apologized, which caused Togebo to evolve into Togetic and then Togekiss with a Shiny Stone.


As an Egg As a Togepi As a Togetic

Moves used

Using Double-Edge as a Togepi
Move First Used In
Double-Edge Gligar Glide
Metronome Gligar Glide
Growl Gligar Glide*
Charm Gligar Glide*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves used via Metronome

Using Supersonic as a Togepi
Move First Used In
Supersonic Gligar Glide
Leer Quilava Quandary
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Togebo is the first Pokémon belonging to a Pokédex holder to be hatched from an Egg, as well as the only one to evolve.
  • Togebo, along with Kitty and Polibo, is tied for taking the least amount of time to evolve twice, taking less than 1 chapter.


Language Name Origin
Japanese トゲたろう Togetarō From トゲ~ Toge- and ~たろう -tarō
English Togebo* From Toge- and -bo
Togetaro* From Toge- and -taro
French Totoge From Toge-
German Toggy From Toge-
Italian Puntino From punte, referring to the spikes on its head.
Spanish Togetaro From Toge- and -taro
Korean 토돌이 Todor-i From 토게~ Toge- and ~돌이 -dor-i
Chinese (Mandarin) 波克太郎 Bōkètàiláng From 波克~ Bōkè- and ~太郎 -tàiláng
Chinese (Cantonese) 刺太郎 Chitaailòhng From 小刺蛋 Síuchidáan and ~太郎 -taailòhng
Czech Togepák From Togepi and -ák
Brazilian Portuguese Togeplom From Toge- and -plom
Vietnamese Togetarou Transliteration of his Japanese name


Language Name Origin
English Eggy From Egg
Korean 알이 Ali From 알 Egg
Vietnamese Trứng From Trứng (Egg)

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