Gigantic Pokémon

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Gigantic Pokémon Lugia

A gigantic Pokémon (Japanese: 巨大ポケモン gigantic Pokémon) is a Pokémon in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX that takes up nine tiles rather than the usual one.

A gigantic Pokémon has a larger reach with its attacks, and some attacks are completely different, such as Outrage. Gigantic Pokémon are also immune to Sketch.

In Super Mystery Dungeon, the player can only bring one gigantic Pokémon into a dungeon at a time. However, it is possible to have up to five gigantic Pokémon on the player's team at one time if the player has at least two party members that know Transform use it on a gigantic Pokémon and brings the Djinn's Bottle into a dungeon and uses it to call Hoopa Unbound, who can further call a gigantic Legendary Pokémon.

In Rescue Team DX, this restriction is removed, and the player is allowed to have as many gigantic Pokémon as they would like, up to the max team size.

Gigantic Pokémon also existed in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, but were not playable.

List of gigantic Pokémon

# MS Name
095   Onix
130   Gyarados
144   ArticunoRTDX
145   ZapdosRTDX
146   MoltresRTDX
208   Steelix
249   Lugia
250   Ho-Oh
321   Wailord
382   Kyogre
383   Groudon
384   Rayquaza
483   Dialga
484   Palkia
486   Regigigas
487   Giratina
493   Arceus
643   Reshiram
644   Zekrom
646   Kyurem
716   Xerneas
717   Yveltal
718   Zygarde
720   Hoopa Unbound

Moves that are affected by gigantic Pokémon

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All moves have their one-tile range moves altered to hit the three tiles in the direction the gigantic Pokémon is facing. Also, moves which pierce through enemies, such as Hydro Pump, will pierce through walls as well (with the exception of Sky Attack). Some moves are completely altered when used by gigantic Pokémon.

Moves which are altered when used by gigantic Pokémon are:

Move Difference in effect
Dig   Hits 10 tiles away instead of 1 and also pierces through enemies and walls.
Eruption   Hits enemies in the entire room, rather than only nearby enemies.
Hyper Beam   Hits 10 tiles away instead of 4. Rather than hitting its surroundings, it will pierce through enemies and walls instead of destroying them.
Hydro Pump   Pierces through enemies and walls.
Outrage   Hits 10 tiles away instead of 1 and only hits once instead of three. It also pierces through enemies and walls.
Splash Has no effect, rather than jump over Pokémon.
Water Spout   Hits enemies in the entire room, rather than only nearby enemies.


In other languages

Language Title
  French Pokémon gigantesque
  German Kolossale Pokémon
  Italian Pokémon gigante
  Spanish Pokémon descomunal

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