Gem (Duel)

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Gems are the premium currency in Pokémon Duel. They can be purchased with real money from the Gem Counter run by Marabelle at the Shop.

Image of a Gem

Each pack of Gems has a point value that is deducted from a 50000 point pool. Gems cannot be purchased if the player does not have enough points and the pool is reset at the beginning of every month. This serves to limit the amount of money that players can spend in the game.


Image Gems Points United States United Kingdom Japan
  12 Gems 120 $0.99 £0.99
  57 Gems 480 $3.99 £3.99
  120 Gems 960 $7.99 £7.99
  360 Gems 2400 $19.99 £19.99
  876 Gems 4800 $39.99 £38.99
  1960 Gems 9800 $79.99 £74.99
  84 Gems + 720 hr Booster Case slot 600 $4.99 £4.99

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