A Powerful Opponent, Venusaur!
Fierce Foe, Fushigibana!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 1
Manga series Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All
Previous Chapter Shu and Pikachu's Debut!
Next Chapter A Match For Pokémon

A Powerful Opponent, Venusaur! (Japanese: 強敵・フシギバナ! Fierce Foe, Fushigibana!) is the second chapter of the Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All manga.

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Shu and Pikachu are lost, having wandered off the beaten path when suddenly they encounter a wild Venusaur. Shu is intimidated, however he still intends to catch it and calls on Pikachu's help. As Pikachu gets into the fray, he tells Shu to stand back because it's dangerous. He uses his Thunder Shock attack to no avail, thus resorting to Swift, also with no luck. Shu tells Pikachu to fall back and retreat because the difference in level is too severe, however Pikachu refuses to back down, taking a beating from the Venusaur. Pikachu claims that he still has a secret finishing move in store, the Funny Face attack! Unfortunately, it has no effect other than making Venusaur even more angry than before. As the attacks become ever more fierce, Shu jumps in to shield Pikachu from further attacks. Pikachu tells Shu off saying that he told him to stay back, but Shu argues that there was no way he could just stand there while Pikachu was in that much pain. Venusaur is touched by this amazing friendship between human and Pokémon and decides to leave of its own volition. As Shu and Pikachu wonder where Venusaur went, Pikachu suggests that maybe the Funny Face attack actually worked, causing them both to laugh.

And so, Shu and Pikachu may not have obtained the Venusaur, however they have something so much better, a lasting friendship.

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