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The GB Sounds (Japanese: GBプレイヤー GB Player) is a type of Key Item exclusive to Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

GB Sounds
GB Player
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GB Sounds
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Introduced in Generation IV
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In the core series games


Manual activation

The item changes the background music to chiptune-like rearrangements of the tracks in the area that are similar to the original ones from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Sound effects and radio music are unaffected by the GB Sounds.


Games Description
A music player that allows you to listen to nostalgic songs. It's operated with a single switch.
A music player that allows you to listen to nostalgic songs. It's operated with the flip of a single switch.


Games Method
HGSS Celadon Condominiums 3F (from Game Freak sound designer after obtaining all 16 Badges)

Music information


Despite the fact that the old-style tracks are supposed to sound like the original tracks from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, none of them sound exactly like the originals. This is due to the way chiptunes are handled on the Nintendo DS. The capabilities of the PSG found in the DS line is limited compared to the one found in the Game Boy line. The DS PSG has fixed square wave and noise channels like the Game Boy PSG, but lacks the crucial 4-bit wavetable synthesis channel, which renders the DS incapable of generating the variety of different waveforms the Game Boy could. This meant that parts played using the 4-bit wavetable synthesis channel in the original tracks were approximated using square waves, leading some parts to sound vastly different. In addition, some tracks had their tempos altered somewhat and other notes in various tracks are not even heard at all.


Main article: Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection

Several tracks that are absent in the original Pokémon Gold and Silver have received old-style rearrangements. Examples include Global Terminal and Route 47. Despite this, none of the Battle Frontier facilities, except for the outside area and the Battle Tower, received an old-style rearrangement. Battling in the facilities at the Battle Frontier with the GB Sounds active will also result in the old-style Battle! (Trainer Battle—Johto Version) being used. This effect is reverted when battling a Frontier Brain.


Some of the original tracks from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, such as Professor Oak and Opening Movie (Pokémon Gold & Pokémon Silver), cannot be listened to with the GB Sounds. The tracks pertaining to Team Rocket can only be listened to in the Giovanni event triggered by taking a Celebi to the Ilex Forest shrine. To solve this issue, Pokémon Music hosts the Pokémon Past Archive program every Sunday, which features these tracks in addition to a few others, such as all the Trainer encounter themes.


If active during a Bug-Catching Contest, the GB Sounds will not switch to the old-style version of National Park during the contest results; however, it'll perform the switch after the results are announced.

There is also a glitch which results in the music being muted on Route 20 or Cinnabar Island.

The GB Sounds does not affect the unused SEQ_DUMMY (played in the Mystery Zones) or SEQ_TEST_TITLE tracks, which are mere copies of the regular Route 29.


  • Although the GB Sounds is unable to play certain old-style themes such as Radio Tower Occupied! during regular gameplay, it was programmed to play them.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese GB播放器 GB Bofonghei
Mandarin GB播放器 GB Bòfàngqì * / GB Bōfàngqì *
  French Lecteur GB
  German GB-Player
  Italian Lettore GB
  Korean GB플레이어 GB Player
  Spanish Lector GB

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