Fusion Strike style (TCG)

For the TCG expansion, see Fusion Strike (TCG).

An example of a Fusion Strike Pokémon

Fusion Strike (Japanese: FUSION Fusion Strike) is a category of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were introduced in the Fusion Strike expansion and mix the strengths of the Single Strike and Rapid Strike styles, strengthening their own Pokémon while weakening the opponent's. Fusion Strike cards are distinguished by a pink Fusion Strike label superimposed on the card art below the HP and type. Certain attacks, Abilities, Trainer cards, and Special Energy cards interact specifically with Fusion Strike cards.

List of Fusion Strike cards

Fusion Strike Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Shelmet   Fusion Strike   013/264 Fusion Arts   007/100
Accelgor   Fusion Strike   014/264 Fusion Arts   008/100
Oricorio   Fusion Strike   042/264 Fusion Arts   017/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH168      
Clamperl   Fusion Strike   065/264 Fusion Arts   023/100
Huntail   Fusion Strike   066/264 Fusion Arts   024/100
Gorebyss   Fusion Strike   067/264 Fusion Arts   025/100
Toxel   Fusion Strike   106/264 Fusion Arts   036/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH209 S-P Promotional cards   236/S-P
Toxtricity   Fusion Strike   108/264 Fusion Arts   037/100
Deoxys   Fusion Strike   120/264 Fusion Arts   045/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH170      
Meloetta   Fusion Strike   124/264 Fusion Arts   048/100
Dreepy   Fusion Strike   128/264 Fusion Arts   049/100
Drakloak   Fusion Strike   129/264 Fusion Arts   050/100
Dragapult   Fusion Strike   130/264 Fusion Arts   051/100
Latias   Fusion Strike   193/264 Fusion Arts   074/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH171      
Latios   Fusion Strike   194/264 Fusion Arts   075/100
Smeargle   Fusion Strike   209/264 Fusion Arts   080/100
Eiscue   Brilliant Stars   044/172 VMAX Climax   041/184
Oricorio   SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH210 S-P Promotional cards   242/S-P
Fusion Strike Pokémon 
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Mew    Fusion Strike   113/264 Fusion Arts   039/100
Fusion Strike   250/264 Fusion Arts   105/100
Fusion Strike   251/264 Fusion Arts   106/100
Genesect    Fusion Strike   185/264 Fusion Arts   069/100
Fusion Strike   254/264 Fusion Arts   108/100
Fusion Strike   255/264 Fusion Arts   109/100
Hoopa    SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH176 Fusion Arts   066/100
Fusion Strike   253/264 Fusion Arts   107/100
Galarian Mr. Rime    Astral Radiance   049/189 S-P Promotional cards   235/S-P
Fusion Strike Pokémon 
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Mew    Fusion Strike   114/264 Fusion Arts   040/100
Fusion Strike   268/264 Fusion Arts   118/100
Fusion Strike   269/264 Fusion Arts   119/100
      VMAX Climax   280/184
Fusion Strike Trainer and Energy cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Chili & Cilan & Cress Su Fusion Strike   227/264 Fusion Arts   098/100
Fusion Strike   258/264 Fusion Arts   115/100
Fusion Strike   273/264 Fusion Arts   124/100
Cross Switcher I Fusion Strike   231/264 Fusion Arts   090/100
Crossceiver I Fusion Strike   230/264 Fusion Arts   089/100
Elesa's Sparkle Su Fusion Strike   233/264 Fusion Arts   096/100
Fusion Strike   260/264 Fusion Arts   113/100
Fusion Strike   275/264 Fusion Arts   122/100
Power Tablet I Fusion Strike   236/264 Fusion Arts   092/100
Fusion Strike   281/264 Fusion Arts   126/100
Fusion Strike Energy   E Fusion Strike   244/264 Fusion Arts   100/100

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