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Foster (Japanese: サタケ Satake) is a character of the day who appeared in Fossil Fools. He is a Celadon University graduate who was taught by Professor Oak.

As a student, Foster had written a thesis that all life had originated in the oceans, citing the fossil records as his main evidence. Foster has continued to focus on understanding the origins of life, and he now leads a team of research scientists that are currently excavating the Ruins of Alph. Early in their exploration, it was discovered that the Fossil Pokémon Omanyte and Omastar were still living there. His team have found many fossils including an almost complete Kabutops skeleton, and are looking to open the Ancient Pokémon Study Park to showcase their findings to the public.

Foster invited Professor Oak, who then invited Ash and his friends, to the Ruins so they could see the fossils. Although he initially lied to Oak, Ash and his friends, saying that the Fossil Pokémon he showed them were mechanical Pokémon, Ash and his friends eventually saw through this after noticing that the Omanyte and Omastar were behaving in a way that looked too real for any of them to be robots. In fact, Foster tried to protect them, because they were so rare.

After Team Rocket attacked the Ruins and tried to steal the Pokémon, both Foster and Oak thought it would be best to leave the Omanyte and Omastar alone. Ash and the others agreed, and after saying goodbye to the Professor and Foster, they never mentioned the Fossil Pokémon again.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 神奈延年 Nobutoshi Canna
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen
Polish Ireneusz Machnicki
European Spanish David Robles

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