Flying Pokédex (book)

Pokémon Flying Pokédex
Flying Pokédex book.png
ISBN: 0439721970
Published: July 2005
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Katherine Noll and Tracey West
Preceded By: Ice & Fighting Pokédex
Succeeded By: Normal Pokédex

Pokémon Flying Pokédex is a book from the Element Pokédex series. It features all the Flying-type Pokémon from the first three generations, as well as other information about the Flying element. The book is in the shape of a Great Ball and is 47 pages in length.

The book also features an interview with Ash, tips for battling with and against Flying Pokémon and a table with stats for Flying-Bug dual types which weren't featured in the book.


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Pokémon featured


  • Unlike most of the other books in the series, there is no explanation offered as to why Flying-types are strong and weak against certain other types; for example, in the Fire book in the series, it explains that water puts out fire, and that flames can burn plants.


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