Flora of the Pokémon world

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Much like the real world, various flora and fungi, as well as their byproducts, exist within the Pokémon world, most notably in the form of Grass-type Pokémon, but also in the form of items, including but not limited to: Berries and Apricorns, various held items, consumables, and ingredients, as well as some decorations, accessories, and crafting materials. Flora play a vital role in the various ecosystems of the Pokémon world, serving as sources of food, shelter, and medicine for both people and Pokémon.

Plant-related Pokémon

Xerneas in its tree form

Besides Grass-type Pokémon, there are a few other species that are also plant-related.

  • Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd hold a leek that they use to fight with.
    • Sirfetch'd wields the long, sharpened stalk as a lance and uses the hard leaves as a shield.
  • Gigantamax Snorlax's mountain-like belly is covered with vegetation, including a whole tree that grew from seeds tangled in its belly fur.
  • Shuckle ferments Berries into Berry Juice.
  • Plant Cloak Burmy wears a cloak of leaves which fuse with its body upon evolving into Wormadam.
  • Regigigas became overgrown with bushes after a long slumber.
  • Watchog and Skwovet's puffed up cheeks are always full of seeds or berries
  • Timburr always carry a log of wood.
  • Wild Throh use vines to weave their own belts.
  • Flabébé and Floette hold a flower which they fuse with when evolving into Florges.
  • Braixen and Delphox hold a branch that they use like a magic wand.
  • Comfey holds a flower ring resembling a lei.
  • Xerneas transforms into a tree when it is dormant.
  • Pancham and Pangoro hold a leaf and a twig in their mouths, respectively.
  • Oranguru holds a fan created from green leaves woven together with its purple fur.
  • Passimian stick leaves to themselves to distinguish which troop they belong to, and use large coconut-like berries as American footballs.
  • Komala carries a log that was given to it at birth.
  • Mimikyu uses a branch to mimic Pikachu's tail.
  • Magearna can display a bouquet of flowers from its arms.
  • Greedent holds berries inside its tail, which often fall out when it gets hit.
  • Grafaiai eat Berries, which affect the color of their saliva, used for marking their territory and attracting prey.

Some Pokémon are related to or interact with plant-based materials or products.

Some Pokémon have plant-related symbols on their body, resemble plants, or otherwise use mimicry to blend themselves with plants in their environment.

  • Pineco imitates a pinecone to lure in flying insects as prey.
  • Bonsly and Sudowoodo imitate trees, with Bonsly specifically resembling bonsai.
  • Bronzor and Bronzong have grain symbols on their back which allude to Bronzong's ability to summon rain believed to bring good crops.
  • Munna has flower patterns on its body.
  • Skrelp and Dragalge blend in with aquatic vegetation.
  • Some Vivillon forms have flower patterns on their wings.
  • Celesteela appears to be based on a plant, specifically bamboo, although it is an extradimensional Pokémon.
  • Some forms of Alcremie wear strawberry, blueberry, flower, or clover-shaped sweets.
  • Tatsugiri's throat sac, when inflated, imitates rice that is served with raw fish as sushi.
  • Glimmet and Glimmora are flower-shaped crystals.

In the core series games

Notable trees and forests

Many notable trees and forests can be found throughout the Pokémon world. Certain trees are known for their distinct shapes and colors or massive size. There are also forests that have unique trees, plants, and mushrooms that aren't found anywhere else in the Pokémon world.


Located in the Unova region is a unique forest with massive trees that have a distinctive white bark. Within the forest is a massive tree used as a training facility by Pokémon Trainers.

White Forest White Treehollow


Located in Coumarine City in the Kalos region is a giant tree used as the city's official Gym.

Coumarine Gym Tree


Located on Poni Island in the Alola region is a giant tree that is used as a battle facility by skilled Pokémon Trainers.

Battle Tree


Located in the Galar region is a dense, maze-like forest full of glowing mushrooms, towering trees, and other unique forms of plant life. In the Honeycalm Sea of the Isle of Armor is a honeycomb-shaped island home to a wild Dynamaxed Pokémon that produces Max Honey, used in Max Soup to give a certain Pokémon the Gigantamax Factor. In the Crown Tundra is a hill topped by a giant tree that seems to be infused with Dynamax energy that is also home to a wild Dynamaxed Pokémon; and the Crown Shrine, which too is marked by a large tree.

Glimwood Tangle Honeycalm Island Tree Dyna Tree Crown Shrine Tree


Located in the Hisui region are several arenas where noble Pokémon can be found, some of which are marked by a large tree said to provide shelter and comfort to the Pokémon and its relatives.

Grandtree Arena Tree Moonview Arena Tree


Located in the Paldea region is a small forest with trees painted with strange patterns by a certain Pokémon in order to mark its territory and attract prey.

Tagtree Thicket

Flowers and petals

Flowers can be found decorating landscapes across the Pokémon world. Some flowers are used as crafting materials or as decorations and accessories, such as the Rainbow Flower, which is an assortment of flower petals. Rarer varieties have special uses, such as changing the forms of certain Pokémon.

Gracidea Bugwort Small Bouquet Rainbow Flower Radiant Petal

Fruits and vegetables

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables serve as a food source for people and Pokémon. Certain fruits have notably been used by Trainers to craft Poké Balls throughout the history of the Pokémon world.

Berry Apricorn Apple Avocado Banana Green Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper Yellow Bell Pepper Iceroot Carrot Shaderoot Carrot Cucumber Hearty Grains
Jalapeño Kiwi Leek Large Leek Medicinal Leek Lettuce
Onion Red Onion Pineapple Poké Bean Plump Beans Pungent Root
Sand Radish Strawberry Tomato Cherry Tomatoes Vivichoke Watercress

Herbs and spices

Herbs have been used in various regions of the Pokémon world as medicine. Some herbs also have unique effects in Pokémon battles. In Paldea, there exists rare spices that have incredible healing properties as well as being excellent sandwich ingredients.

Mental Herb Power Herb White Herb
Revival Herb Pep-Up Plant King's Leaf
Basil Mirror Herb Herba Mystica


Seeds have a range of effects when consumed. However, not all seeds are edible or safe, with some being dangerous to the touch. Other seeds are prickly and will hitch a ride on a Pokémon, only coming off after latching onto another Pokémon.

Miracle Seed Electric Seed Grassy Seed Misty Seed Psychic Seed Sticky Barb Seed of Mastery

Plants and plant materials

There are many types of plants in the Pokémon world such as various kinds of grasses, trees, mints, and mosses. Many plant parts are used or valued by Trainers, such as certain kinds of roots, bulbs, and leaves. Twigs from a special kind of tree in Galar can be weaved into accessories beloved by a certain Pokémon, and even play a role in its evolution.

Tall grass Mint Luminous Moss Energy Root Big Root
Sootfoot Root Gold Leaf Silver Leaf Shiny Leaf Absorb Bulb
Galarica Caster Fern Pop Pod Tiny Bamboo Shoot Big Bamboo Shoot


Some varieties of mushrooms are extremely popular with a certain class of collectors and can be sold at a range of prices at shops. Certain Pokémon can rarely be found holding one. A special variety of mushrooms found on the Isle of Armor in Galar have the power to change the form a Pokémon takes when Dynamaxing.

Big Mushroom Tiny Mushroom Balm Mushroom Max Mushrooms Springy Mushroom
Swordcap Iron Barktongue Doppel Bonnets Direshroom Candy Truffle

In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series

The world of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series has a diverse assortment of plants of its own.

Notable trees and forests

Many unique and diverse forests appear as dungeons and rescue team camps. There also exists distinct trees, with some having special properties such as allowing Pokémon to evolve.

Sea of Wonders

Tree of Life


A selection of fruits, including Berries, can be found in dungeons as food. Some fruits can be found in a range of sizes. Others even have rare golden variants.

Berry Apple Banana Chestnut


Seeds have a wide variety of effects when eaten and come in many different shapes and colors. A certain seed is known to induce Mega Evolution.

Ban Seed Blast Seed Blinker Seed Decoy Seed Doom Seed Empowerment Seed
Energy Seed Eyedrop Seed Heal Seed Joy Seed Life Seed Plain Seed
Pure Seed Quick Seed Reviver Seed Reviser Seed Sleep Seed Stun Seed
Totter Seed Training Seed Via Seed Vile Seed Violent Seed Warp Seed


Wands are branches that can be waved to launch projectiles with varying effects. Braixen and Delphox are known to carry them.

Confuse Wand Guiding Wand HP-Swap Wand Petrify Wand Pounce Wand Slow Wand Slumber Wand
Stayaway Wand Surround Wand Switcher Wand Tunnel Wand Two-Edged Wand Warp Wand Whirlwind Wand

In other games

Hey You, Pikachu!

In Hey You, Pikachu!, acorns, mushrooms, corn (which turns into popcorn if shocked by Pikachu; replaces eggplants from the Japanese version), carrots, onions, herbs, radishes, apples, bananas, flowers, and other plants can be eaten as Pokémon food. Cattails (horsetails in the Japanese version) can also be found in Viridian Forest, and bluebells (morning glories in the Japanese version) can be found in Springleaf Field.

Pokémon Snap

In Pokémon Snap, an apple-shaped Pokémon food is used to aid in taking pictures of wild Pokémon.

Pokémon food

Pokémon Masters EX

Being an artificial island, the island of Pasio in Pokémon Masters EX does not have any native flora; however, trees and other plants were imported to the island to create realistic environments, including at least one forest. Fresh Berries can be gathered from the forest for use in baking cakes, as seen in Serena's Dessert Party. In Deck the Halls, the player helps Erika and Skyla decorate a large holiday tree with various decorations, including Berries, flowers, and floral wreaths. Wild mushrooms also grow in the woods on the island, as seen in Mushroom Mania. In Chef's Heartful Delivery, Mallow uses Sweet Apples and Tart Apples to make her "mightiest apple pie".

In addition, the Trainer Lodge is decorated with many different kinds of flowers and plants. Silver can be given various Berry Sets in the Trainer Lodge that contain different Berries: Cheri Berries, Pecha Berries, Passho Berries, and Rowap Berries.

Jolly Holly Merry Poinsettia Festive Wreath Fresh Berry
Wild Mushrooms Berry Set Good Berry Set Awesome Berry Set

New Pokémon Snap

In New Pokémon Snap, the Lental region is home to several diverse ecosystems of plants across its six islands. In particular, the crystabloom is a type of flower that can be found there that is capable of glowing as a result of the Illumina phenomenon. It differs in appearance and color depending on which island it is growing on. There's also fluffruit, an apple-like Pokémon food that is sweet to the taste as well as lighter and softer than regular apples.

Crystabloom Fluffruit

Pokémon Sleep

In Pokémon Sleep, the player raises Snorlax by feeding it Berries and cooking it meals made with various ingredients, including several plant products, gathered by helper Pokémon. There are also mysterious seeds that can be used to enhance the skills of helper Pokémon.

Berry Fancy Apple Large Leek Tasty Mushroom
Soft Potato Fiery Herb Warming Ginger Snoozy Tomato
Soothing Cacao Greengrass Soybeans Sub Skill Seed Main Skill Seed

In the anime

Item Episode Description
Pokémon Scent-sation! The Cerulean Gym manufactured perfumes for the perfume store owned by Erika from plants that were growing in the Celadon Gym. One of the scents that Misty tries on is called "daffodil dream".
Dig Those Diglett! Misty theorized that gardens and forests across the Pokémon world were cultivated by the digging of Diglett and Dugtrio.
The Song of Jigglypuff An unnamed fruit was used by Brock to make Jigglypuff's throat feel better so that it can sing again.
Make Room for Gloom When Ash and his friends went to the Xanadu Nursery greenhouse near Ash's house, they discovered many unique plants growing there. Ash's Bulbasaur became infatuated by smelling Pokénip and paralyzed by smelling Stun Stem and so was given Gloom's antidote, which it developed by tending the plants.
In The Pink Pinkan Berries are fruit that grow only on Pinkan Island and make the Pokémon that eat them turn pink. Due to their special properties, they are researched by scientists and strictly protected by Officer Jenny.
Snack Attack High quality grapefruits grow at the Seven Grapefruit Islands, where many were devoured in huge amounts by a wild Snorlax.
Pokémon Food Fight! Tracey found flowers that, according to his guidebook, are a Pokémon delicacy, but he didn't manage to pick them because they were part of Gulzar's headpiece. When Ash and Gulzar had a battle, Ash's Snorlax got out of control and ate the flowers. When Snorlax's Poké Ball was damaged and couldn't recall it, Tracy tried to lure Snorlax with an apple while Ash dressed as one.
The Stun Spore Detour Salveyo weed is a type of herbal medicine found exclusively in the anime. It only grows on clear lake bottoms and can be used to cure paralysis. Poliwag are known to eat this weed. A medicine made from Salveyo weed later appears in Whichever Way the Wind Blows.
Pikachu's Rescue Adventure On an unnamed island in the Orange Archipelago grows a gigantic tree flourishing with wild Pokémon that coexist in peace.
Sick Daze Due to Brock being sick, Ash and Misty were requested to make dinner, so they took stolen apples from Team Rocket. The same day, Misty tried to prepare a stew using variety of ingredients that were not in the recipe, including plant-based ingredients like sugar, ketchup, soy sauce, miso, curry, garlic paste, wasabi, mustard, oregano, and cinnamon.
Right On, Rhydon! An apple-like fruit that grows exclusively on a small island is the favorite food of a wild Rhydon that adapted to water and learned Surf in order to access it.
As Cold as Pryce After using Water Gun for a long time to reduce the fall for Ash, Totodile got very exhausted, so Pryce gave it herbs that restored its energy. Later, Pryce learned that his Piloswine had picked up herbs that would treat their burns, but fell into a ravine and got frozen for many years until it was discovered by Ash and Pryce.
A Shroomish Skirmish Team Rocket angered a group of Shroomish by stealing their apples.
The Garden of Eatin' When Ash and his friends visited the Banana Slakoth Garden, all the bananas were being eated by a wild Snorlax. After Snorlax was fought and defeated, the Banana Slakoth Garden opened again and served banana-based desserts.
Where's Armaldo? On Wales Island in the Hoenn region, Professor Proctor restored each of the members of the evolutionary lines of the prehistoric Fossil Pokémon Lileep and Anorith, along with a special ancient berry that was Armaldo's favorite food which it was wandering on an island looking for, rejecting the modern yellow apple-like fruit that grew there.
Borrowing on Bad Faith! The prize for winning the informal Pokémon Contest in a small village near Twinleaf Town was a big pile of banana-like fruit, won by Ash's Aipom under Jessie's orders.
Promoting Healthy Tangrowth! A wild Tangrowth that lives in the Sinnoh region stole life energy from other Pokémon with Absorb and then gave it away to a dying tree that is over 1,000 years old with the move Growth. The fate of the entire forest relied on that tree, but it was finally restored with the help of Ash and his friends.
Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open! Remeyo weed is a type of herbal medicine that grows on lake-beds and can be used to cure poison. Some Water-type Pokémon are specifically trained just to be able to retrieve it.
PK23 A Rinka Berry is a type of Berry with special properties: a Pokémon eating it will have its throat cleared and voice restored. They are apparently very delicious.
Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade A Melody Berry is a type of Berry that grows on a type of tree known as a Melody Tree. The Berries have the ability to produce music, and they glow when Meloetta sings near them.

In the movies

Item Episode Description
Giratina and the Sky Warrior Gracidea is a vast garden full of Gracidea flowers located in Sinnoh at the base of a glacier near the top of the mountain. Shaymin was in a rush to get there in time for the "flower bearing," a ritual where many Shaymin gather, transform into Sky Forme, and fly away to start a new Gracidea garden in a faraway place. The place was threatened with destruction when Zero's actions in the Reverse World caused the glacier to start moving. A Regigigas, who inhabited a temple in the mountains near the garden, awoke just in time to help stop the impending disaster.

In the manga

Item Manga Description
Pokémon Adventures A Mirage Berry is a type of Berry liked by the guardian deities of the Alola region.


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