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Final Island 最後
Final Island
Final Island RTDX.png
Description: This legendary island may not even exist. It hovers on the horizon and disappears suddenly as if it were a mirage.
Predominant type: Psychic
Capacity: 1
Method to obtain: Buy for 8,500 Poké
Friend Area

Final Island (Japanese: 最後 Final Island) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team that can be bought from Wigglytuff in Pokémon Square after beating Rayquaza. It costs 8,500 Poké. It is the only Friend Area in the Western Isles area, and has a capacity of only one Pokémon.



Final Island is a crag of mossy rock that appears to be floating in mid-air, which mimics Mew's ability to levitate. Other smaller rocks surround it, and there is a silver, circular pedestal in the middle.


Pokémon Location
151 Mew Buried Relic (36F-98F)



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