Expedition Gadget

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The Expedition Gadget (Japanese: 調査団ガジェット Investigation Team Gadget) is an item in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon used by members of the Expedition Society. It can be triggered by fitting a Connection Orb into the Expedition Gadget, and enables the player to view connections between Pokémon, view the world map of the Pokémon Nexus, check their Expedition List, and register their team name.

An Expedition Gadget

The player and their partner are first given a Junior Expedition Gadget by Ampharos, who also gives them his Connection Orb for the Gadget to function. They receive a proper Expedition Gadget when they first visit the Lively Town Expedition Society base. The proper Gadget allows the player and partner to communicate with Dedenne using the Gadget, as well as having their world map synced with the Pokémon Nexus via the Connection Orb.


  • The Expedition Gadget resembles the shape of a Bronzor. This fact is referenced by Bronzor itself when spoken to in Sahra Town.

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