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Expedition Base Set
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Cards in set English: 165
Japanese: 128
Set number English: 13
Japanese: 13
Release date English: September 15, 2002
Japanese: December 1, 2001
Theme Decks

Echo (PsychicColorless)
Electric Garden (GrassLightning)

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Base Expansion Pack
The Town on No Map • Wind from the Sea

Pokémon-e: Expedition Base Set (Japanese: 基本拡張パック Base Expansion Pack) is the name given to the first main expansion of cards from the e-Card Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the e-Card Era in Japan).


More electrifying than ever!

The Pokémon® trading card game is going where no trading card game has ever gone before—the Game Boy Advance™. The Pokémon-e: Expedition™ base set has new attacks, new game effects, new Pokémon Powers (now called Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies), new Trainer cards, and even a cool new card design. And now you can swipe your cards through a Nintendo® e-Reader to play fun video games on Game Boy Advance!

Play Expedition, and you could be in for a shock!


Expedition Base Set is the name given to the first main expansion of the e-Card Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as Base Expansion Pack, the first expansion in the Pokémon Card Game e-Card Era. The English expansion was released on September 15, 2002, while the Japanese expansion was released on December 1, 2001.

Expedition Base Set introduced Technical Machine cards, which allow the Pokémon they are attached to use an attack as specified on the card (a reference to the TM in the core series games). Pokémon Power was split into two groups; Poké-Power and Poké-Body. Poké-Powers required activation to use, whereas Poké-Bodies were always active unless blocked by a specific effect.

Expedition Base Set also introduced an updated card design, which included numerous changes. Firstly, the left and bottom borders have been increased in size to incorporate the Dot Code technology for use with the Nintendo e-Reader. By using the device, players were able to view the Pokédex data, play a minigame, play various tunes in a Melody Box, or activate a hidden attack for that Pokémon. However, these hidden attacks were not legal for use in tournament play. The artwork window is rounded on the left. For Rare Holo cards, the Pokémon's species, length, and weight were moved to the left. For Non Holo cards, it lacked the Pokémon's species, length, and weight. Both Rare Holo and Non Holo cards included a unique ID number located below the artwork window and lacked the Pokédex entry. The illustrator was moved to the center on the bottom of the card. The set symbol was located on the bottom right of the card.

The design for Reverse Holofoil cards was changed to a plain "refractor" Holofoil. Each booster pack were reduced from 11 cards to 9 cards; they include 5 Common, 2 Uncommon, 1 Reverse Holofoil, and 1 Rare or Rare Holo card. All Rare Holo cards have a Non Holofoil version. Expedition was the first expansion that did not have a 1st Edition print run.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
58/165   Pichu   E3 Convention 2002 (Japanese Back)
112/165   Hoppip   E3 Convention 2002 (Japanese Back)

Set lists

Expedition Base Set
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/165   Alakazam     Promotion
2/165   Ampharos     Promotion
3/165   Arbok     Promotion
4/165   Blastoise     Promotion
5/165   Butterfree     Promotion
6/165   Charizard     Promotion
7/165   Clefable     Promotion
8/165   Cloyster     Promotion
9/165   Dragonite     Promotion
10/165   Dugtrio     Promotion
11/165   Fearow     Promotion
12/165   Feraligatr     Promotion
13/165   Gengar     Promotion
14/165   Golem     Promotion
15/165   Kingler     Promotion
16/165   Machamp     Promotion
17/165   Magby     Promotion
18/165   Meganium     Promotion
19/165   Mew     Promotion
20/165   Mewtwo     Promotion
21/165   Ninetales     Promotion
22/165   Pichu     Promotion
23/165   Pidgeot     Promotion
24/165   Poliwrath     Promotion
25/165   Raichu     Promotion
26/165   Rapidash     Promotion
27/165   Skarmory     Promotion
28/165   Typhlosion     Promotion
29/165   Tyranitar     Promotion
30/165   Venusaur     Promotion
31/165   Vileplume     Promotion
32/165   Weezing     Promotion
33/165   Alakazam     Promotion
34/165   Ampharos     Promotion
35/165   Arbok     Promotion
36/165   Blastoise     Promotion
37/165   Blastoise     Promotion
38/165   Butterfree     Promotion
39/165   Charizard     Promotion
40/165   Charizard     Promotion
41/165   Clefable     Promotion
42/165   Cloyster     Promotion
43/165   Dragonite     Promotion
44/165   Dugtrio     Promotion
45/165   Fearow     Promotion
46/165   Feraligatr     Promotion
47/165   Feraligatr     Promotion
48/165   Gengar     Promotion
49/165   Golem     Promotion
50/165   Kingler     Promotion
51/165   Machamp     Promotion
52/165   Magby     Promotion
53/165   Meganium     Promotion
54/165   Meganium     Promotion
55/165   Mew     Promotion
56/165   Mewtwo     Promotion
57/165   Ninetales     Promotion
58/165   Pichu     Promotion
59/165   Pidgeot     Promotion
60/165   Poliwrath     Promotion
61/165   Raichu     Promotion
62/165   Rapidash     Promotion
63/165   Skarmory     Promotion
64/165   Typhlosion     Promotion
65/165   Typhlosion     Promotion
66/165   Tyranitar     Promotion
67/165   Venusaur     Promotion
68/165   Venusaur     Promotion
69/165   Vileplume     Promotion
70/165   Weezing     Promotion
71/165   Bayleef     Promotion
72/165   Chansey     Promotion
73/165   Charmeleon     Promotion
74/165   Croconaw     Promotion
75/165   Dragonair     Promotion
76/165   Electabuzz     Promotion
77/165   Flaaffy     Promotion
78/165   Gloom     Promotion
79/165   Graveler     Promotion
80/165   Haunter     Promotion
81/165   Hitmonlee     Promotion
82/165   Ivysaur     Promotion
83/165   Jynx     Promotion
84/165   Kadabra     Promotion
85/165   Machoke     Promotion
86/165   Magmar     Promotion
87/165   Metapod     Promotion
88/165   Pidgeotto     Promotion
89/165   Poliwhirl     Promotion
90/165   Pupitar     Promotion
91/165   Quilava     Promotion
92/165   Wartortle     Promotion
93/165   Abra     Promotion
94/165   Bulbasaur     Promotion
95/165   Bulbasaur     Promotion
96/165   Caterpie     Promotion
97/165   Charmander     Promotion
98/165   Charmander     Promotion
99/165   Chikorita     Promotion
100/165   Chikorita     Promotion
101/165   Clefairy     Promotion
102/165   Corsola     Promotion
103/165   Cubone     Promotion
104/165   Cyndaquil     Promotion
105/165   Cyndaquil     Promotion
106/165   Diglett     Promotion
107/165   Dratini     Promotion
108/165   Ekans     Promotion
109/165   Gastly     Promotion
110/165   Geodude     Promotion
111/165   Goldeen     Promotion
112/165   Hoppip     Promotion
113/165   Houndour     Promotion
114/165   Koffing     Promotion
115/165   Krabby     Promotion
116/165   Larvitar     Promotion
117/165   Machop     Promotion
118/165   Magikarp     Promotion
119/165   Mareep     Promotion
120/165   Marill     Promotion
121/165   Meowth     Promotion
122/165   Oddish     Promotion
123/165   Pidgey     Promotion
124/165   Pikachu     Promotion
125/165   Poliwag     Promotion
126/165   Ponyta     Promotion
127/165   Qwilfish     Promotion
128/165   Rattata     Promotion
129/165   Shellder     Promotion
130/165   Spearow     Promotion
131/165   Squirtle     Promotion
132/165   Squirtle     Promotion
133/165   Tauros     Promotion
134/165   Totodile     Promotion
135/165   Totodile     Promotion
136/165   Vulpix     Promotion
137/165   Bill's Maintenance T [Su]   Promotion
138/165   Copycat T [Su]   Promotion
139/165   Dual Ball T   Promotion
140/165   Energy Removal 2 T   Promotion
141/165   Energy Restore T   Promotion
142/165   Mary's Impulse T [Su]   Promotion
143/165   Master Ball T   Promotion
144/165   Multi Technical Machine 01 T [TM]   Promotion
145/165   Pokémon Nurse T [Su]   Promotion
146/165   Pokémon Reversal T   Promotion
147/165   Power Charge T   Promotion
148/165   Professor Elm's Training Method T [Su]   Promotion
149/165   Professor Oak's Research T [Su]   Promotion
150/165   Strength Charm T [Tool]   Promotion
151/165   Super Scoop Up T   Promotion
152/165   Warp Point T   Promotion
153/165   Energy Search T   Promotion
154/165   Full Heal T   Promotion
155/165   Moo-Moo Milk T   Promotion
156/165   Potion T   Promotion
157/165   Switch T   Promotion
158/165   Darkness Energy   E   Promotion
159/165   Metal Energy   E   Promotion
160/165   Fighting Energy   E Promotion
161/165   Fire Energy   E Promotion
162/165   Grass Energy   E Promotion
163/165   Lightning Energy   E Promotion
164/165   Psychic Energy   E Promotion
165/165   Water Energy   E Promotion

Base Expansion Pack
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/128   Koffing     Promotion
002/128   Hoppip     Promotion
003/128   Caterpie     Promotion
004/128   Ekans     Promotion
005/128   Oddish     Promotion
006/128   Vulpix     Promotion
007/128   Ponyta     Promotion
008/128   Poliwag     Promotion
009/128   Shellder     Promotion
010/128   Krabby     Promotion
011/128   Goldeen     Promotion
012/128   Magikarp     Promotion
013/128   Marill     Promotion
014/128   Qwilfish     Promotion
015/128   Corsola     Promotion
016/128   Pikachu     Promotion
017/128   Mareep     Promotion
018/128   Abra     Promotion
019/128   Gastly     Promotion
020/128   Diglett     Promotion
021/128   Machop     Promotion
022/128   Geodude     Promotion
023/128   Cubone     Promotion
024/128   Larvitar     Promotion
025/128   Pidgey     Promotion
026/128   Rattata     Promotion
027/128   Spearow     Promotion
028/128   Clefairy     Promotion
029/128   Meowth     Promotion
030/128   Tauros     Promotion
031/128   Dratini     Promotion
032/128   Houndour     Promotion
033/128   Metapod     Promotion
034/128   Gloom     Promotion
035/128   Magmar     Promotion
036/128   Poliwhirl     Promotion
037/128   Jynx     Promotion
038/128   Electabuzz     Promotion
039/128   Flaaffy     Promotion
040/128   Kadabra     Promotion
041/128   Haunter     Promotion
042/128   Machoke     Promotion
043/128   Graveler     Promotion
044/128   Hitmonlee     Promotion
045/128   Pupitar     Promotion
046/128   Pidgeotto     Promotion
047/128   Chansey     Promotion
048/128   Dragonair     Promotion
049/128   Professor Elm's Training Method T [Su]   Promotion
050/128   Energy Restore T   Promotion
051/128   Energy Charge T   Promotion
052/128   Energy Removal T   Promotion
053/128   Professor Oak's Research T [Su]   Promotion
054/128   Mary's Impulse T [Su]   Promotion
055/128   Super Scoop Up T   Promotion
056/128   Strength Charm T [Tool]   Promotion
057/128   Dual Ball T   Promotion
058/128   Pokémon Nurse T [Su]   Promotion
059/128   Pokémon Reversal T   Promotion
060/128   Bill's Maintenance T [Su]   Promotion
061/128   Master Ball T   Promotion
062/128   Multi Technical Machine 01 T [TM]   Promotion
063/128   Copycat T [Su]   Promotion
064/128   Warp Point T   Promotion
065/128   Venusaur     Promotion
066/128   Butterfree     Promotion
067/128   Arbok     Promotion
068/128   Vileplume     Promotion
069/128   Weezing     Promotion
070/128   Meganium     Promotion
071/128   Charizard     Promotion
072/128   Ninetales     Promotion
073/128   Rapidash     Promotion
074/128   Typhlosion     Promotion
075/128   Magby     Promotion
076/128   Blastoise     Promotion
077/128   Poliwrath     Promotion
078/128   Cloyster     Promotion
079/128   Kingler     Promotion
080/128   Feraligatr     Promotion
081/128   Raichu     Promotion
082/128   Pichu     Promotion
083/128   Ampharos     Promotion
084/128   Alakazam     Promotion
085/128   Gengar     Promotion
086/128   Mewtwo     Promotion
087/128   Mew     Promotion
088/128   Dugtrio     Promotion
089/128   Machamp     Promotion
090/128   Golem     Promotion
091/128   Pidgeot     Promotion
092/128   Fearow     Promotion
093/128   Clefable     Promotion
094/128   Dragonite     Promotion
095/128   Tyranitar     Promotion
096/128   Skarmory     Promotion
097/128   Venusaur     Promotion
098/128   Butterfree     Promotion
099/128   Arbok     Promotion
100/128   Vileplume     Promotion
101/128   Weezing     Promotion
102/128   Meganium     Promotion
103/128   Charizard     Promotion
104/128   Ninetales     Promotion
105/128   Rapidash     Promotion
106/128   Typhlosion     Promotion
107/128   Magby     Promotion
108/128   Blastoise     Promotion
109/128   Poliwrath     Promotion
110/128   Cloyster     Promotion
111/128   Kingler     Promotion
112/128   Feraligatr     Promotion
113/128   Raichu     Promotion
114/128   Pichu     Promotion
115/128   Ampharos     Promotion
116/128   Alakazam     Promotion
117/128   Gengar     Promotion
118/128   Mewtwo     Promotion
119/128   Mew     Promotion
120/128   Dugtrio     Promotion
121/128   Machamp     Promotion
122/128   Golem     Promotion
123/128   Pidgeot     Promotion
124/128   Fearow     Promotion
125/128   Clefable     Promotion
126/128   Dragonite     Promotion
127/128   Tyranitar     Promotion
128/128   Skarmory     Promotion


English Venusaur pack
English Charizard pack
English Blastoise pack
English Feraligatr pack
Japanese Base
Expansion Pack pack
English Expedition Base Set
booster box
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Base Expansion Pack set is released in Japanese, primarily available in 1st edition. Some Japanese cards in this set were available in unlimited edition, given at certain lottery events (or inserted in a magazine in the case of the Ponyta). The Expedition Base Set is released in English, German, French, and Italian, with all cards in the set also available as Reverse Holo other than the basic energy cards.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Expedition Édition de Base
  German Expedition
  Italian Expedition Set Base

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