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Evelyn (Japanese: エリモ Erimo) is a character of the day who appeared in The Relicanth Really Can!.

Evelyn was first seen inside Adam's shop when he brought Ash and his friends inside, and introduced her as his wife. He then had her analyze the emeralds he found on his search underwater, but she determined that they were only Green Shards, and while they were worth more than anything else in the shop, they weren't worth enough to make them wealthy. This disappointed Adam for a moment, but he then deduced that the shards were from the King Neptune, a sunken ship. Evelyn suggested the Relicanth could lead them to the King Neptune, and so the group set out to find the sunken ship in Adam's submarine.

Evelyn drove the group out to the middle of the ocean in a large boat, so that Adam, Ash, Brock, May, and Max could go exploring in the submarine, keeping communication via radio. Adam and Evelyn continued to keep contact until Team Rocket suddenly appeared and fired underwater missiles at the submarine and then rushed ahead to get a lead on the treasure, only to be swept away by a current. Adam then saw a Relicanth dive into the ocean current and he followed after it. The current caused damage to the submarine, cutting off radio communication, causing Evelyn distress.

After an hour, a relieved Evelyn got a response from Adam through the radio that he and everyone else were returning to the surface safely. Once aboard the ship, Evelyn scolded Adam for losing contact. She then explained that she had been tracking Team Rocket on radar since they escaped the Relicanth cave with the treasure, and brought the ship to Team Rocket. After Team Rocket was sent blasting off, Adam opened the chest to find a bounty of Green Shards. Evelyn then encouraged him by saying they could make their own jewelry from the Shards to sell to customers, and promised to give May the first necklace they made.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 鷹森淑乃 Yoshino Takamori
English Karen Neill
Finnish Rinna Paatso
Brazilian Portuguese Cecília Lemes
European Spanish Mayte Tajadura


  • Her husband's name and her name may come from Adam and Eve, respectively.

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