Emmy (Japanese: エミー Emmy) is a character of the day who appeared in The Dragon Master's Path!.


Emmy appeared after her Druddigon was spotted by Ash and his friends. It attacked them, but soon after, Iris found the source of Druddigon's anger. Emmy seemed to have trouble battling with her Dragon-type Pokémon, so Iris offered her help since she wants to become a Dragon Master. Ash suggested a battle with her, and Emmy accepted. Iris served as Emmy's coach during the match.

During the battle, Emmy used Druddigon against Ash's Tepig. With help from Iris, Emmy and Druddigon were able to defeat Ash's Tepig. Soon after, Team Rocket appeared and stole Druddigon and Axew. As Team Rocket escaped, Druddigon and Axew were able to cause Team Rocket's mecha to fall down, and Ash and the others soon caught up. During the battle with Team Rocket, Druddigon was able to use Draco Meteor, and then, Axew was able to successfully use Dragon Rage to finish Team Rocket off.


This listing is of Emmy's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand

Ash and friends encountered Druddigon when it came out of hiding and fired Focus Blast at them. Iris discovered that it was upset because it had a rope wrapped around its ankle. She managed to calm it down and untied the rope. Its Trainer, Emmy explained that she was trying to teach it Draco Meteor and Iris suggested it should battle to gain some experience. It battled Ash's Tepig and came out victorious. After that, Team Rocket captured it, as well as Pikachu and Axew. But it managed to escape thanks to Axew's Dragon Rage. To protect Emmy from Team Rocket, Druddigon mastered Draco Meteor and knocked out James's Yamask.

It reappeared in a flashback in Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!.

Druddigon's known attacks are Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Dragon Claw, and Draco Meteor.

Debut The Dragon Master's Path!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Marc Thompson

Traded away

Emmy mentioned that she received Druddigon in a trade, indicating that she had another Pokémon.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 阿澄佳奈 Kana Asumi
English Dani Marcus
Czech Jana Páleníčková
Finnish Heljä Heikkinen
German Maren Rainer
Italian Ludovica De Caro
Polish Milena Suszyńska
Brazilian Portuguese Luciana Baroli
Spanish Latin America Monserrat Mendoza
Spain Felicidad Barrio

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