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Emily (Japanese: エミリー Emily) is a character of the day who appeared in Take This House and Shuppet.


Emily wanted to remodel her childhood mansion into a hotel. However, whenever she tried to hire somebody to get the job done, they would quit, saying the house was haunted. The strange occurrences continued after Team Rocket, Ash, and his friends stepped inside.

She returned to the property to find the front door unlocked and scratched up, unaware that Meowth was responsible for the damage. May ran into Emily as she, Ash, and Brock were fleeing the supposedly haunted dining room. They explained to her that they took shelter in the mansion because of the bad weather, and now they were looking for Max, who had gone missing. They soon found Max and his new friend, a Shuppet who was living in the house and wanted to play with everyone. Emily recognized Shuppet, recalling that she used to play with it as a child.

Soon after, Team Rocket tried to steal Shuppet, but they were sent blasting off by Pikachu. Afterwards, Emily told Ash and the others that she and Shuppet would work together to convert the house into a hotel. She also invited Ash and the others to stay in the hotel.


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This is a list of Pokémon Emily has befriended in the anime.

Emily and Shuppet have been friends since Emily was a child and moved into the mansion. Shuppet particularly liked the hidden playroom of the mansion. However, they grew apart as Emily became an adult and became more focused on other things. Shuppet continued to inhabit the mansion and was responsible for scaring away all of Emily's hired builders when she tried to convert the property into a hotel.

In Take This House and Shuppet, Max befriended Shuppet after running off into the mansion following an argument with May. They joined forces to scare May and the others as they looked for Max.

Later, Emily reunited with Shuppet after recalling the fun times they spent together during her childhood. Team Rocket tried to capture it, but Ash's Swellow and Pikachu took care of the trio. Afterwards, Emily decided that she and Shuppet would work together on the mansion renovation.

Shuppet's only known move is Psychic.

Debut Take This House and Shuppet
Voice actors
Japanese Satomi Korogi

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 伊藤美紀 Miki Itō
English Rebecca Honig
Finnish Hannamaija Nikander
Unknown (child)
European French Géraldine Frippiat
Italian Renata Bertolas
European Spanish Miriam Valencia
Beatriz Berciano (child)


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