Eevee Drawing Song

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(Japanese: イーブイえかきうた Eievui Drawing Song) is a song made for Project Eevee featuring Eevee. It was released on the official Japanese YouTube channel on February 9, 2018.


Japanese English
ブルーベリーが ありました
ささかまぼこが 2つもあった
お醤油つけて さぁ どうぞ
ドーナツ ドーナツ おいしいね
おはしでお豆を おとしたら
ブイ ブーイ ブイ イーブイ
焼き芋むいたら できあがり
There was a blueberry
Followed by two pieces of leaf-shaped fish cakes
Please have a drop of soy sauce
Donuts, donuts, they're delicious
Drop down a bean with a pair of chopsticks
Vee Veee Vee Eevee
Pop the roasted sweet potato and you're done
(Don't draw me a beard!)

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