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Eddy (Japanese: エディ Eddie) is a character of the day who appeared in An Undersea Place to Call Home. He is an "Underwater Archaeologist" along with his wife Lindsey.

Eddy first appeared with Lindsey driving his car along the road of Muraille Coast. They stopped when they spotted Ash and his friends, who were in panic as Ash's Pikachu had just been poisoned by a Skrelp. After Lindsey treated Pikachu, they introduced themselves to the group. They explained that they were going to dive in a specific area in the sea that same day, looking for the remains of the S.S. Cussler that had crashed into an iceberg long ago. As Ash and his friends got very excited about what they were told, Eddy and Lindsey agreed to let them help on their exploration.

He, Clemont, and Bonnie later stayed on board his boat, following the progress of a submarine manned by Lindsey, Ash, and Serena. They witnessed how they managed to find the remains of the S.S. Cussler. They later also saw how they managed to stop the ship from sinking away completely. Eddy then told Lindsey to come back to the boat, as the strong currents would appear again soon.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 中村大樹 Daiki Nakamura
Finnish Peter Pihlström
Hebrew גדי לוי Gadi Levy
Italian Renato Novara
Polish Mateusz Weber
European Spanish Aitor González

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