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Easy-to-Build Fire Deck (TCG)

The Easy-to-Build Fire Deck is a predominantly Fire type deck found in the Team Rocket Strategy Guide. The deck is considered easy-to-build as it contains few rare cards, with the aim that a player of any age or skill level could complete it.


All Fire Pokémon have a Weakness to Water Pokémon. So an all-Fire deck is too risky. If your opponent is playing a deck that's even half Water Pokémon, he or she will almost always be able to exploit your Pokémon's Weakness. That's why this deck has some Lightning Pokémon. If you run into a Water deck, your Weakness to Water will be balanced by your opponent's Weakness to Lightning. Plus, Pikachu and Jolteon both have attacks that don't even need Lightning Energy, so there's less chance of not having the right Energy.

Many of your attacks cause you to discard Energy. Use Energy Retrieval to make sure you always have enough Energy to use your best attacks. Charmander's Pokémon Power: Gather Fire is a good way to build up a lot of Energy. When you're ready to evolve Charmander into Dark Charmeleon and then into Dark Charizard, you'll have plenty of Fire Energy for their attacks.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Charmander Fire Common
Dark Charizard Fire Rare
Dark Charmeleon Fire Uncommon
Dark Jolteon Lightning Uncommon
Eevee Colorless Common
Magmar Fire Uncommon
Pikachu Lightning Common
Ponyta Fire Common
Bill T Common
Energy Retrieval T Uncommon
Pokémon Trader T Rare
Potion T Common
Professor Oak T Uncommon
14× Fire Energy Fire E Common
Full Heal Energy Colorless E Uncommon
Lightning Energy Lightning E Common
Potion Energy Colorless E Uncommon
Rainbow Energy Rainbow E Rare

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