Dr. Hawthorn

Dr. Hawthorn

Dr. Hawthorn (Japanese: サンザシ博士 Dr. Sanzashi) is a character in Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us: Zeraora's Story. He is a scientist who lives in Fula City.


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Dr. Hawthorn debuted in ESEZ1, where he meets Ash and Margo during Fula City's Wind Festival. He offered to show the two the Mythical Pokémon Zeraora and took them to his pavilion to go see it. Once they arrived, Hawthorn used his virtual reality technology to send Ash and Margo into a simulation of Fula City's past. There, Ash and Margo witness the birth of Zeraora and how it protected wild Pokémon from Pokémon hunters.

In ESEZ2, Dr. Hawthorn sent Ash and Margo back into the simulation. However, this time they viewed the events from the perspective of a boy named Norbert (Japanese: ノゾム Nozomu), who got into a confrontation with the Pokémon hunters near Fula City's power plant. Zeraora fought off the hunters' Tyranitar to protect Norbert and his Elekid, but during the battle, a catastrophic forest fire was sparked by Tyranitar's Fire Fang. Elekid seemingly perished in the fire, leading Zeraora to rampage and even fight against the Lugia that appeared to put the fire out. However, given courage by Zeraora, Norbert found Elekid was still alive and saved it with the help of some of the local Pokémon. As a result, Zeraora calmed down.

Later, after Ash and Margo left, Dr. Hawthorn and Electabuzz were working to clean up the pavilion when Electabuzz found an old photograph of Norbert and Elekid. Dr. Hawthorn recognized it as a photo of himself and Electabuzz from the past, revealing that they were the Trainer and Pokémon in Zeraora's story.


Elekid → Electabuzz
Electabuzz is Dr. Hawthorn’s assistant in his virtual reality pavilion. In the past, it nearly perished in a forest fire before Norbert managed to save it.

None of Electabuzz's moves are known.

Debut ESEZ1


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Reason: French name for Norbert.
Language Name Origin
Japanese サンザシ博士 Dr. Sanzashi From 山査子 sanzashi (the Japanese hawthorn)
English Dr. Hawthorn From hawthorn
French Professeur Aubépine From aubépine (hawthorn)
Korean 산자시 박사 Sanjasi-baksa Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 山楂博士 Dr. Sāanjā From 山楂 sāanjā (the Japanese hawthorn)


Language Name Origin
Japanese ノゾム Nozomu From 望 nozomu (hope)
English Norbert Similar to his Japanese name
Korean 노조무 Nojomu Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 阿望 Á Mohng From the Japanese name 望 Nozomu

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