Dora (Japanese: コバラ博士 Dr. Kobara) is a character of the day and the head of the Sayda Lab on Sayda Island. She appeared in Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!.


She works with Gary and Jared, as well her little sister Crystal. When the DNA between the fossilized Egg at the lab matched with the DNA of the Old Amber Gary provided, she and Gary got the idea to use the DNA of both of the items to see if they could bring it back to life. The experiment was successful, but the Aerodactyl broke through a window. Thus, she and Gary unsuccessfully attempted to catch it. When the group was discussing on what an Aerodactyl would eat so as to calm it down with food, Dora came to the deduction that the fossilized seeds near the area that they found Aerodactyl must have been what it ate.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 甲斐田裕子 Yūko Kaida
English Caroline Lawson
European Spanish Felicidad Barrio

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