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The Digger Drill (Japanese: あなほりドリル Digger Drill) is a special kind of trap that can be used in the Sinnoh Underground found in the Generation IV games.

When traveling in the Underground, players may occasionally encounter a vendor who will trade certain spheres for items, including the Digger Drill. Most of the time it is a sphere from 10-20. It can be used to create a Secret Base in the Underground. The Digger Drill is a one-time use item, though more can be bought.

One is also given by the Underground Man in Eterna City as a reward for one of his tasks in the Underground.

Unlike other traps, the Digger Drill cannot be buried.

How to use

To use the Digger Drill, one must walk to and face an area of wall that is wanted to become the entrance for their Secret Base, and select the Digger Drill from the Traps menu. Upon using it, the player then loses the Digger Drill, but, as stated above, more can be bought. The player may have no more than one Secret Base. If the player already has a Secret Base, the old one will be removed.

In other languages

Language Title
French Canada Flag.png Canada Perceuse*
France Flag.png Europe Foreuse
Germany Flag.png German Einweg-Bohrer
Italy Flag.png Italian Trivella
South Korea Flag.png Korean 구멍파기드릴 Gumeongpagi Deuril
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Broca de Escavação*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Taladro

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