Diancie — Princess of the Diamond Domain

Diancie — Princess of the Diamond Domain
Diancie Princess of the Diamond Domain.png
鉱国のプリンセス ディアンシー
Diancie, Princess of the Ore Country
First broadcast
Japan July 17, 2014
United States November 6, 2014
English themes
Opening None
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending None
Animation OLM
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 山口健太郎 Kentarō Yamaguchi
Assistant director 山口健太郎 Kentarō Yamaguchi
Animation director 池田裕治 Yūji Ikeda
No additional credits are available at this time.

Pokémon: Diancie — Princess of the Diamond Domain (Japanese: 鉱国のプリンセス ディアンシー Diancie, Princess of the Ore Country) is a short that serves as a prologue to Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. It first aired in Japan on July 17, 2014. In the United States, it was added to the official Pokémon website on November 6, 2014.


While on a journey to search for Xerneas, Diancie is awakened by a cry for help and goes to investigate. When Diancie's loyal Carbink subjects discover that their princess has wandered off and decide to follow, all four of them find themselves in a sticky situation!


The short begins with Diancie sitting quietly inside a small house. She begins to hear a cry, and looks out from the deck to listen more closely to the sound. She realizes that it is a Pokémon that needs help, and she jumps off the deck and goes to find the Pokemon in question. Meanwhile, a trio of Carbink are on their way with food. One of them, named Merrick, tells the other two, Bort and Allotrope, to hurry as Diancie must certainly be hungry. When they enter Diancie's room the trio realize that Diancie is gone. Merrick notices Diancie and tells Bort and Allotrope to go after her and then jumps off the deck and attempts to sustain his balance, though Bort and Allotrope fall on top of him. In the midst of following Diancie, they soon find themselves surrounded by a group of Ariados.

Meanwhile, Diancie reaches a river and uses her instincts to locate the cry, where she finds a Pangoro stuck in a log. She tries to pull it out but to no avail. Merrick, Bort, and Allotrope reach Diancie, and much to their dismay, as they are being attacked, Diancie instructs them to make a hole in the log for Pangoro to see. When Pangoro's face is revealed, Diancie happily greets Pangoro, but Merrick, Bort, and Allotrope are further dismayed. When the Ariados attack, the three vow to defend themselves, but Pangoro swings itself (inside the log) at the Ariados, scaring them away. It crashes onto the ledge, breaking the log and freeing Pangoro. Diancie and the Carbink thank Pangoro. A Pancham appears out of the broken log, dizzy and fainting and Diancie realizes Pangoro must have been trying to save Pancham, and got stuck in the process, which the two confirm. They part ways with Pancham and Pangoro to continue on their quest to find Xerneas. Meanwhile, a Honedge appears and helps a mysterious girl spy on Diancie and the Carbink.

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Pokémon debuts





Millis Steel Brittney Lee Hamilton Millis Steel Shōko Nakagawa ミリス·スティール 中川翔子
Diancie Caitlin Glass Diancie Marika Matsumoto ディアンシー 松本まりか
Merrick David Wills Majima Kensuke Satō マジマ 佐藤健輔
Bort Knight Kiyotaka Furushima ナイト 古島清孝
Allotrope Joke Kenta Miyake ジョーク 三宅健太



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