Spacial Rift

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Spacial Rift
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Spacial Rift そらのさけめ
Sky Fissure
Basic info
Floors: 25
Rest stops: 1
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Various
Boss: Palkia
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Spacial Rift (Japanese: そらのさけめ Sky Fissure) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It has 15 basement floors, a nine-floor deep portion, and a one-floor lower portion. It can be accessed by talking to Lapras on the beach after clearing The Nightmare. On the first visit, the player and their partner are dragged in there by Palkia, who accuses them of distorting space without his permission, convinced by Darkrai posing as Cresselia. They are also prohibited from recruiting Pokémon in the dungeon.

Just like Mt. Travail, this dungeon has weather conditions on certain floors that will always occur. The weather is cloudy on floors 3, 4, and 10, sunny on floors 8, 14, and D5, foggy on floors 12, D1, and D2, rainy on floor D9, while in all other floors the weather is clear. There is a high chance of Monster Houses, especially on floor 15.

There is a locked room on the ninth floor of Deep Spacial Rift which houses a Treasure Box containing either a Plasma Veil, SkyHigh Veil, or Lunar Veil.

Subsequent visits will not be permitted until the player defeats Darkrai at the bottom of Dark Crater. Pokémon in the dungeon will then be recruitable, including Palkia who automatically joins the team upon defeat. Interestingly, Drowzee, Sableye, Dusknoir, and Darkrai, all antagonists at various points in the storyline, can be recruited here.

Pokémon encountered

Spacial Rift

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Chatot B1-B6 49-50 -10%
  Drapion B1-B6 48-49 -12%
  Xatu B1-B7 48-49 -4.5%
  Gallade B1-B9 48-49 -12%
  Kadabra B1-B9, B11-B15 49-52 -4.5%
  Charizard B1-B15 49-52 -12%
  Jolteon B1-B15 48-51 -12%
  Sableye B1-B15 48-51 8.2%
  Honchkrow B1-B15 49-52 -12%
  Magnezone B1-B15 48-51 -12%
  Electivire B1-B15 48-51 -12%
  Solrock B4-B10 10-12 6.4%
  Chimecho B5-B15 48-51 6.9%
  Gligar B6-B15 49-51 8.2%
  Bronzor B7-B12 7-8 8.2%
  Toxicroak B7-B15 49-51 -12%
  Latias B10 44 0.1% *
  Tropius B12-B15 50-51 6.4%
  Darkrai B14 53 -22% *
  Dusknoir B14-B15 49-50 -12%
  Drowzee B15 15 6.4%
  Spiritomb B15 52 -10%
Pokémon cannot be recruited during the first visit.

Deep Spacial Rift

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Tropius B1-B2 51 6.4%
  Drowzee B1-B4 15 6.4%
  Dusknoir B1-B4 50 -12%
  Kadabra B1-B4, B6-B9 52-53 -4.5%
  Jolteon B1-B4, B6-B9 51-52 -12%
  Honchkrow B1-B4, B6-B9 52-53 -12%
  Spiritomb B1-B5 52-53 -10%
  Charizard B1-B9 52-53 -12%
  Gligar B1-B9 51-52 8.2%
  Sableye B1-B9 51-52 8.2%
  Chimecho B1-B9 51-52 6.9%
  Toxicroak B1-B9 51-52 -12%
  Magnezone B1-B9 51-52 -12%
  Electivire B1-B9 51-52 -12%
  Porygon B3-B8 13-14 6.4%
  Latios B5 44 0.1% *
  Hypno B6-B9 53 -4.5%
  Lunatone B6-B9 14 6.4%
Pokémon cannot be recruited during the first visit.

Spacial Rift Bottom

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Palkia Bottom 48 100% Boss
Palkia cannot be recruited on the first visit.

Traps encountered

Image Trap
  Chestnut Trap
  Explosion Trap
  Grimy Trap
  Gust Trap
  Mud Trap
  Poison Trap
  Pokémon Trap
  PP-Zero Trap
  Seal Trap
  Selfdestruct Trap
  Slow Trap
  Slumber Trap
  Spin Trap
  Sticky Trap
  Summon Trap
  Warp Trap


Pit Pit's bottom Alternate tileset
Rest stop Spacial Rift Bottom

In other languages

Spacial Rift

Language Title
  French Faille Spatiale
  German Raumspalte
  Italian Valle Dimensionale
  Korean 공간의 균열 Gongganui gyunyeol
  Spanish Grieta Espacial

Deep Spacial Rift

Language Title
  French Faille Spatiale profondeurs
  German Tiefe Raumspalte
  Italian Gola Dimensionale
  Korean 공간의 균열 최심부 Gongganui gyunyeol choesimbu
  Spanish Corazón Grieta Espacial

Spacial Rift Bottom

Language Title
  French Faille Spatiale fond
  German Raumspaltenboden
  Italian Fossa Dimensionale
  Korean 공간의 균열 깊은 곳 Gongganui gyunyeol gipeun got
  Spanish Sima Grieta Espacial

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