Daniel (DP160)

Daniel (Japanese: ユウタ Yūta) is a character of the day who appeared in A Marathon Rivalry!. He is a boy with glasses who wears a lab-coat and always carries a laptop, which he uses to analyze his Pokémon's condition.


Daniel lives in Camellia Town and trains a Snorlax as his main Pokémon. Daniel believes that the best way to train his Pokémon is a "scientific" approach; therefore, he uses high-tech machines to train them. Some of these machines were seen when Daniel demonstrated his training style to Ash and his friends in his training lab. He also believes that the Pokéathlon better compares two Trainers' levels of synchronicity with their Pokémon than does a Pokémon battle.

Daniel eventually won the Sinnoh Pokéathlon, which qualified him for the Johto competition.


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Snorlax is Daniel's main Pokémon. It was shown early in the episode undergoing Daniel's scientific training. Daniel also used Snorlax as a demonstration on his strategy to winning the Pokéathlon. On the day of the Pokéathlon, Daniel got a lecture from Ash on how he wasn't being a very good Trainer, because his scientific training didn't consider Snorlax's feelings. After Daniel verified Ash's assertion that Snorlax was feeling tired with his scientific equipment, he started to believe that maybe Ash was right, and decided to leave Snorlax with Team Rocket, who were disguised as massage therapists.

When Team Rocket tried to escape with Snorlax and Ash's Pikachu, Snorlax weighed down their balloon and was preventing them from escaping. Team Rocket decided to leave behind Snorlax in favor of a quick escape with Ash's Pikachu. Ash tried to use his Staraptor to save Pikachu, but to no avail, as it was defeated by Team Rocket. Snorlax, however, was able to save Pikachu by bouncing on a trampoline and crashing into Team Rocket's balloon. Daniel used it in the final event of the day, the Hurdle Dash, where it raced against Ash's Pikachu, along with many other Pokémon and their Trainers. It managed to win the race by a very small margin due to its belly, followed closely in second by Ash's Pikachu.

None of Snorlax's moves are known.

Debut A Marathon Rivalry!
Hitmonlee was used by Daniel in the Disc Catch event, the first event of the day. He competed against Ash's Monferno, along with many other Pokémon and their Trainers. Although he fought very hard using his Fighting-type skills, Ash's Monferno was equally agile, which resulted in the two Pokémon tying for the win. Daniel was shocked that Ash and his Monferno were able to do as well as he and Hitmonlee were able to do in the event.

None of Hitmonlee's moves are known.

Debut A Marathon Rivalry!
Voice actors
English Tom Wayland

Pokémon competitions

Daniel has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 宮原永海 Nami Miyahara
English Ed Paul
Finnish Aksu Palmén
European French Jean-Pierre Denuit
Italian Luca Ghignone
Polish Artur Pontek
Brazilian Portuguese Dado Monteiro
Spanish Latin America Moisés Iván Mora
Spain Ricardo Escobar

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