Charmaine (EP179)

Charmaine (Japanese: アンジュ Anju) is a character of the day who appeared in The Apple Corp.


Charmaine runs her own apple orchard on the outskirts of Ecruteak City. At the time, someone had been eating her apples. She thought Ash's Pikachu was the culprit after she netted him while he was holding an apple. He was proven to be innocent after Ash compared the bite marks in the apples to Pikachu's teeth, which were too small to be his.

Charmaine apologized to them and gave them a tour of her apple orchard. She had a series of noisemakers tied from tree to tree so that she would hear it if anyone tried to steal her apples. However, to that point it hadn't helped much, as apples were still stolen. They all soon discovered that a group of Pichu were stealing the apples. Charmaine had read in a local newspaper that the wild fruits in the forests were low that year. She then understood that the Pichu didn't have much to eat, thus she offered them some more apples.

Ash then had the idea of training the Pichu to work for Charmaine and help keep Flying-type Pokémon from eating the apples. Pikachu also taught the Pichu to gather apples so it would be less work for Charmaine. In the end, Charmaine decided to go with Ash's plan and allowed the Pichu to stay in her orchard as assistants in exchange for more apples.



Pichu (multiple)
Charmaine has many Pichu who were eating the apples from her orchard. They framed both Pikachu and Meowth into eating the apples even though the Pichu were the ones truly eating them. Then, when tying to get more apples, they set off the noisemakers Charmaine had installed and she, Ash, and his friends gave chase. The group stopped to look at the bite marks on the apple whilst Pikachu gave chase and finally found the culprits. It was then revealed that the Pichu were taking apples for their hungry friends that needed feeding.

Suddenly, a Fearow spotted them and attacked. The older Pichu attacked with a huge Thunder Shock which hit not only Fearow, but also hurt the Pichu themselves. Fearow recovered, however, and went in for another attack. Pikachu stood guard and sent Fearow flying with a Thunderbolt. They tried to get Charmaine to forgive them, which she did. But still they couldn't stay and just eat all the apple. Ash came up with and idea, though.

A flock of Pidgey were then about to feed on the apples. Pichu came out of the bushes and shocked the flock, sending them flying off. Ash revealed that his idea was for the Pichu to repay the orchard by protecting it and also helping to harvest the apples. Later, Team Rocket appeared and stole the apples. The Pichu retaliated and zapped Team Rocket, which did not do much damage. Team Rocket easily blew the Pichu away with their vacuum device. The Pichu climbed into tree canopies to regroup before trying again. Now they created a ladder to save Pikachu and restore his electricity. This gave Pikachu enough power to send Team Rocket blasting off. In the end, Charmaine decided to keep the Pichu in her orchard and let them help around.

Pichu's only known move is Thunder Shock.

Debut The Apple Corp!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Megumi Hayashibara

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 折笠富美子 Fumiko Orikasa
English Lisa Ortiz
Finnish Elise Langenoja
European French Alexandra Corréa
Hebrew דון לני-גבאי Dawn Lanny-Gabay
Italian Patrizia Mottola
Polish Monika Jarosińska
Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Bullara
European Spanish Carmen Cervantes

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