Celestica people

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Celestica people
カミナギの民 Kaminagi people
Volo, who claims to be a descendant of the Celestica people
Leader Unknown
Region Hisui (originally Sinjoh)
Admins Unknown
Base locations Celestica Ruins (original hometown unknown)

The Celestica people (Japanese: カミナギの民 Kaminagi people), also known as the ancient Sinnoh people (Japanese: 古代シンオウ人 ancient Sinnoh people), are an ancient tribe of people based in the Hisui region. They are one of the oldest known civilizations in Hisui, existing even before the Diamond and Pearl Clans.

They used to worship Dialga and Palkia—and at one point, Giratina as well, before abandoning it due to its banishment. They were also the first ones to know the true identity of the Original One, who they call "Almighty Sinnoh", the one who created everything. They lived at what is now the Celestica Ruins.

In the core series games

The Celestica people were first mentioned in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. No members are definitively known, but Volo claims to be a descendant of the Celestica people. Additionally, both Cogita and the ancient hero are heavily implied to have been members of this clan.

Originally, the Celestica people lived in Sinjoh, before moving to and basing themselves in the Hisui region long before the Diamond and Pearl Clans arrived there. The Celestica people built what became the Celestica Ruins, the Celestica Trail, and the Temple of Sinnoh—including the statues of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina in the Celestica Ruins and the statues of the ancestors of the Noble and Ride Pokémon in the Temple of Sinnoh. At some point, the Celestica people found out about Giratina's banishment by the "Almighty Sinnoh" and destroyed Giratina's statue so that it would be forgotten by history.

It is unknown what happened to the Celestica people in the present time, but they are implied to no longer exist.


  • Even though it shares its name with the tribe, the Celestica Flutes appear to have no relation to them. According to Adaman, it is said that the flutes were gifts from "Almighty Sinnoh" itself.

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